January 14 - "Zakovat" intellectual game holiday dedicated to "Defenders of the Fatherland" Day


January 14 - "Zakovat" intellectual game holiday dedicated to "Defenders of the Fatherland" day
The hall is festively decorated. A large table and chairs are placed in the center of the stage grid. The participants of "Zakovat" enter the hall to the solemn music and take their seats with applause.
The national anthem of Uzbekistan is played.
/The leader enters the circle in the form of a Humo bird./
Huma bird: Hello! I found a place for myself by loving the cities and villages, blooming gardens, hardworking people of this country. I am very happy that the children of this country are happy and their sons and daughters are happy. Today, January 14, is the Day of "Guardians of the Motherland", and our brave boys invited me to be the host. Today, you will watch the intellectual game "Zakovat" with the participation of active boys of the kindergarten in order to show their knowledge, agility, diligence.
Please meet the participants:
/Boys will have badges on their chests./
1. The leader of the group is his mentor from the group of _____________________________
2. Teacher ________________ from _______________________________ group
3. Teacher ________________ from _______________________________ group
4. Teacher ________________ from _______________________________ group
5. Teacher _______________ from ________________________________group
6. Teacher ________________ from ________________________________group
7. Teacher ________________ from _______________________________ group
We will open today's intellectual game "Zakovat" with Topishmaq. Questions are public to everyone.
/The scene grid will have 12 upside down color pictures.
In it, the word "Guardian of the Motherland" is revealed one by one with riddles./
V – The ground where our navel blood was spilled. (Homeland.)
A - Happy New Year. (juniper)
T – Military wheeled chain technical vehicle. (tank)
A - A fearless and brave person in the legend. (Alpomish)
N – Dear blessing. (bread)
P - It is white, its wool is soft. (cotton)
O - One of the fruits rich in vitamin iron. (apple) S – Time measurement unit. (hour)
B - Big - small 5 comrades, you can join the knitting (fingers)
O - the great breed. (mother)
N - Among the fruits, the shape of the fruit is beautiful. (pear)
I — Man's faithful friend. (dog)

Humo Kushi: Go ahead, go ahead, man of the field
We are faithful guardians of the free Motherland.
May the land of the Motherland flourish.
They call us the lions of the Motherland.
- 1 -

Let the ground shake step by step
My heart trembles when I see your determination.
Children will perform "Gummiber" matroscha dance.
Humo bird: Now it's time for questions. Please bring the questions.
A little girl enters the circle with a tray of questions. The leader of the group pulls out the envelope and hands it to the Humo bird./
Humo bird: Let's hear the first question.
Why does the fox run and the bear sleeps in winter?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: Our second question, we ask you to please bring it.
Where does the water stand still?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: Now it's the turn of our children's musical program. Thank you!
Boy: The white milk that we have stored in our border is white,
Our soldier brothers who did not sleep at night.
Boy: We wish you well, soldiers.
Peace be upon you, my country, you said to us.
Boy: You have a machine gun in your hand, you have a full figure,
You fly parachutes and hug the clouds.
Children perform "Kalinka" dance.
Humo bird: Now, we are happy to move on to our third question.
Please enter the third question.
I have drawn a lot, look at the fox.
One cow and three sheep, two juniper trees,
How much is one boat, three bears?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: Please bring in the fourth question.
"Strength is justice" and "Every soldier is a guardian of peace".
Who said the wisdom?
Game participants or audience response.
Child: Flag of the Soldiers Flag of the Motherland,
He is a hero of the fields.
He is a watchman on the border,
Peace be upon the world.
- 2 -
We swear, hurrah Uzbekistan,
We are your guardians, devoted soul!
Children danced "Hakkalakam".
Humo bird: Thank you, the children performed very beautiful poems and dances.
your Now it's time for questions. Please take questions
please enter. Our next fifth question is "Boshqoti-
as it is called rma ".
What fairy tale does not end well, and this fairy tale
Take me out of the maze?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: Please enter our sixth question.
/ A box on a tray is brought to the circle./
In a fairy tale, good triumphed over evil. A stork is responsible for this victory
was What the stork gave is hidden in the box, tell me the name of the hidden thing?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: Guests and children! Another musical from our program
we give in minutes. Now our children are military science,
learned wisdom about skills and soldiers. What a blessing!
Boy: Askari will be a prosperous country, he will be rich.
Boy: Discipline of a soldier, support of an army.
Child: If it is difficult in training, it will be easy in battle.
Boy: Every soldier is a keeper of peace.
"Andijan polka" dance performed by girls.
Humo bird: Now I am happy to bring you our seventh question
I ask for your input.
What brave commanders and warriors do you know?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: Please bring in our eighth question.
What to do when there is an earthquake?
Game participants or audience responses.
Humo bird: It's time for musical moments.
Child: Cousins ​​on earth,
I have a request for you.
Don't take out the weapon, don't let the blood flow
Give us books and toys.
Child: The earth needs peace, the world needs peace.
Let the word of peace spread its wings and spread light to the world.
Children will sing the song "Peace" by M. Ikromova.
Humo bird: Today, on the occasion of January 14, we are celebrating the "Zakovat" intellectual
we played al game. In this _________________________________
won the victory.
Now we turn to the participants of the game and active viewers
administration will present their gifts.
/ Under the music, the head of the kindergarten ceremoniously presents the gifts./
Boy: Put the Turk's shavkat on the blade,
It’s the first time Mardona has risen to the top.
To the soul of Temur, the triumphant chapter,
Today I bow again and again.
Boy: The Uzbek people have always been brave and proud.
There are brave boys like Alpomish.
As strong as a mountain, brave,
All have well-intentioned guardians.
Boy: Now don't bend down, keep your waist straight,
Your sons are a shield on your chest.
Forget the sorrows until they are there,
Let the world know Uzbekistan.
The festive program is the song of Ozodbek Nazarbekov, "I am your child, Homeland".
ends with a phonogram.

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