March 8 event scenario


March 8 Event Scenario
   Someone asked, "Muhammad, you are the only one in the world who is merciful. Tell me, my parents or my child, to whom can I do a lot of good?"
     The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Listen, brother. Listen to me three times. If you can, do good to your mother first in the world." I thought of the commentary on this story for a long time though the mother erur qiblai alam though our father
Even prophets born of mothers.
Reader: I am an Uzbek child
                    My grandmother's honey is my father's liver
                    I was born in Chirchik when it was snowing
                    Miraziz Shuhrat oglu is the pride of the Uzbek people
                     I send you greetings from the bottom of my heart, hello.
Reader: Beautiful Uzbekistan
                  From the Samarkand region
                  Hello, mothers.
                  My father called me Sardor
                  Praise be to Elga Sardor
                  A world that is happier than this
                                  My mother is happier than that.
Reader: Mothers greet you. Grandmothers greet you
                  Respectfully yours, Masters
                  I was born in Chirchik
                  In the heat of a hot summer
                  My father's name is Bekzodjon
                  Be safe wherever you want my mother to be.
Reader: A word that will never leave my tongue
                  Hello guests.
                   My name is Daniel
                   My body deserves it
                   I was born in Gulistan
                   Spring, when the flowers bloom
                   My goal is to learn
                   My desire to win.
Reader: Even as we are, my mother, you will not spare your life
                  Don't worry, darling, you can't eat your bread
                  I present to you, the throne of kings
                  I pray to God that the two worlds are happy.
Reader: For the rest of her child, a mother who loses her rest
                 Is there a dearer mother in the world.
                 A thorn accidentally enters the child's feet
                First of all, it was a tender mother's heart.
                Is there a dearer mother in this world,       
                dear to every household with the mother.
Reader: Take flowers to your eyebrows, nightingales to your eyebrows
                 To the dear age, my dear mother.
                I am happy to have many sons and daughters, I have a lot to say to everyone,
                Your memory will remain many of you, my proud mother.
          It is the Mother who enlightens the world. The word "mother" consists of three letters and means "O" -oriyat, "N" -Nafosat, "A" -andish. Mother is a symbol of beauty, wisdom.
                  Mothers and children quench their thirst by drinking the wine of nobility, goodness and humanity in general. The mother is a dear and honorable figure. Legends and stories about our mothers have been preserved for centuries as a single symbol of these great figures. She is great. The mother is a reflection of tenderness and devotion. She gives birth to a child and enjoys it until we are perfect.
             Mothers should pay their dues while they are alive, because there is no need to bury them when they die.        
           Some children go straight to their mothers and even raise their hands. We can never get rid of a mother’s debt. In the meantime, I want to cite a narration. (scene)
          A young man kissed his mother and took her to Makkah and Madinah.
——— Oh God, have I got rid of my mother's debt now?
"You have now got rid of the white milk that your mother gave you once when you were awake one night," cried Allah. Yes, it is true that the great one said that you know the value of a mother when you are a mother.
           Dziz is a loving mother who gave you white milk.
           When you lie down, when you get up, you are an umbrella.
          On a good bad day, a lover of the forehead
          Seeing Holing as a child, both rejoiced.
         Don't forget this mother, bow your head,
When you miss a day, shed tears in vain.
I owe you, mother, today,
I want to give you warm words,
Pour the most delicate flowers from your head
I want to embroider in your loving heart.
Wherever I am, far soon
I lust with your dreams, my dear, you like light.
When I walk away from you, my heart burns.
                   Take care of my mother.
My mother is my happiness
My life, she is my being, my mother in heaven.
I am an immortal eternal bayot in my heart
God bless my mother always.
He got up in the morning and wished me thrones
He wished happiness while sitting
When I cried, he stroked my head to comfort me
God bless my mother always.
                 To my mother.
I was happy — I looked at the world
I laughed and laughed and moaned,
I had never asked myself before,
What I did was just for my mom.
My heart would grow with love,
would stop the calamities that befell me.
A thousand and one wishes cut through my heart,
What I did was tell my mother alone
Like the word of God I did not taste,
A loyal team is like a long-awaited eye
I could not find a kind person like himself,
What I did was tell my mother alone.
I built a number of houses and had weddings
I picked flowers for someone,
I said I would still have time,
What I did was tell my mother alone.
I prayed for good luck
I found a world of great worlds
But netay pushaymon dil nidosini
What I did was tell my mother alone.
I didn't die when the creatures felt it
When my liver burns with spots
I was helpless when death loved him,
What I did was tell my mother alone.
If I stayed up late, he would be awake,
When I asked for water, he would immediately make tea.
Sometimes when I was dressed, he would swallow,
What I did was tell my mother alone.
My grief saddened his eyes
His hair was white, his face wrinkled,
Now I cried and searched for traces,
What I did was tell my mother alone.
Bitter tears for months
I found myself in that situation,
I finally miss my parents
What I did was tell my mother alone.
If your mother has snow, be tired
Be ready to serve as a spoil,
Don't be like Bobur, be careful,
What I did was tell my mother alone.
                    Onajonim allasi.
I vividly remember my childhood
It gives strength to my soul, my mother goddess.
God, my daughter is a child, she wakes up at night and wakes up in the morning.
Be a rich girl, grow up and be strong.
I vote softly, it was pleasing to the ear,
Drunk on the tone, I would go to the pinnacle.
That is why your name is sacred
Mother's fingers, she has taffeta.
The flower is suitable for the face, it is always on the head
Good luck to the children, the beautiful wife of my Uzbek.
How happy we are, early and late in our heads
You believe us that you are my mother, my son, my daughter, my happiness.
My dear mother, my dear, I am alone,
They said Allah did not sleep at night
He was educated by knowledge and manners
May my holy mother be happy.
In honor, my country is equal to my mother
I stayed full of inspiration for my mother
Sweat pouring for glue all my life
I respect my mother.
I pay my respects to my mother,
spoons onaizor to my mother.
With the heart my mother gave me,
The flowers I caught between my garden to my mother.
You are a woman of light, the light of your kindness
Let the earth be filled with beauty, and let it not grieve.
 Scene: There are many wonderful epics and legends that glorify mothers and embody their bright and clear images.
They asked the sun:
Is there a temperature higher than yours?
"Yes," replied the Sun, "Mother's love is stronger than my taft."
They asked about death: Do you have enough strength? The love of death-Mother pulls me back too.
Darya asked Azim: Is there a creature in the world stronger than you? Darya is great. Her mother's love is stronger than mine.
  Yes, a mother's love melts a stone, anger breaks a mountain, a river can be restrained.
The beauty of nature is the scent of flowers, the joy of life is the beauty of man, his humanity, his human intellect, his intellect.
                     Ona-ona, onajon, jaji nihol gul güncham
                     I drink from your kindness, your words are in my heart
                     I ride on a bright path, You are my joy and excitement,
                     My dear mother.
My delicate inspiration in my heart, my dear mother to you today.
I dedicate my great holiday to you, my dear mother.
You have given peace to my soul, you have given light to my eyes
You said, my child, always walk right, your word is in my heart, my dear mother.
Flowers to the eyebrows, nightingales to the eyebrows
To your dear old age, May Sadqa be my dear mother.
You are happy, you have many sons and daughters, you have a lot to say to everyone
Your memory will remain many of you, my proud mother.
Let me sing congratulations, caress and kiss
Let me sing with love in my heart, my dear mother.
Scene: Mother's love.
Beginner:There is a beautiful country, a flowery meadow
                     When the nightingale sings in the garden, the world is full of flowers.
                     Suddenly, one day, the land was invaded by wild beasts.
                     He killed the crops and the people,
                     Do you want a woman to stay in the country and survive?
                      The boy hugged his daughter and gave his life for the child.
                     The invading king wanted to test the woman,
                     He tried to save her and kill her son.
The Invading King:
If I kill you, your son will take revenge
If I cut out your right eye, your child will survive.
Mushtipar mother, take my eyes if necessary
If my son survives, believe me,
I don't need my eyes.
Beginner:The executioners cut out the mother's eye, still
                    They were surprised to see that the mother did not speak.
                    The invading king refused, to leave the woman alone
                    He asked his left eye, now instead of the girl.
                   If I cut out your left eye, your daughter will survive
                   Mother, if necessary, take my eyes, if my daughter survives
                   Believe me, I don't need my eyes.
Beginner: The mother gave her left eye, not a word
                      In the presence of the invading king, he never lost himself.
                      The warriors revolted and defeated the king
                      The blind mother was headed to the country.
 Usually we call a mother a loving mother, because for everyone there is no one more loving and close than a mother, a mother not only brings us into the world with you and nurtures us like the apple of her eye, but the sun always shines on our lives, brightens our night ', they make our way clear.
             The mother is a sacred and revered figure of the holy mother. Mother majesty is a symbol of beauty and wisdom. The mother is the fountain of life, the mother is the fountain
One hand of the mother shakes the cradle, the other hand shakes the world.
When the mother's heart aches, the earth trembles.
Even when the world is narrow, the mother's heart is wide '
The child's finger hurts
You know the goodness of a mother if you are sick
He who hurts his father will be humiliated, he who hurts his mother
The piece will be hard on the bread.
Carefully take us, a piece of meat,
Man bows to his mother.
There is a mother, there is a child, there is a mother, there is a god, there is a mother, there is a world,
Welcome, have a good time, always be all the time, don’t be full, don’t be less than our ranks. It's a concern in our homes
Don't worry too much. May our country be prosperous, may our people be spiritually rich, may there be many wedding performances.
       Always be respectful of your teachers.

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