I am a ghazal ghost (essay, description, essay)


I am a ghazal shaydo.


1) What is a ghazal?

2) Reading ghazals is my hobby

3) The ghazal I love

The most common lyrical genre in Eastern literature. Ghazal in Arabic means to love a woman, to have a romantic relationship with her. Our grandfather Alisher Navoi wrote more than 2600 ghazals and enriched this genre in the Turkish language. The poems were originally written on a romantic theme. By now, many types have appeared. In Uzbek literature, the first examples of ghazal can be found in Rabguzi's "Kissasi Rabguzi" and Khorezmi's "Muhabbatnama". Later, Hamza, Cholpon, Khurshid, Gafur Ghulam, Sabir Abdulla, Habibiy, Charkhi, Chustiy, Kholis, Vasit Sadulla, Jumaniyaz Jab-borov, Erkin Vahidov, Abdulla Oripov, Jamal Kamal and others created ghazals in Uzbek poetry.

Ghazal reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Not only reading, but also memorizing what I like. In my free time, I mostly read the ghazals of our grandfather Alisher Navoi. I will copy my memorized ghazals. If I do that, I can memorize the ghazals better. I enjoy ghazals. Regardless of the topic, I get some kind of educational lesson from all the ghazals. I also recommend the ghazals that I love to my friends.

One of my favorite ghazals is "Kelmadi" by Alisher Navoi. This ghazal is written on the theme of love. It is one of Navoi's royal works, and now it is known to the people with the tune "Munojat". It can be felt from the ghazal that this work was created based on an event, some kind of impulse. It is the agony of a lover who waits for his lover with pain and agony. This ghazal attracted me with its charm and tenderness. I love reading ghazals

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