Munojot Yolchieva - Who Says


Munojot Yolchieva - Who Says 

I'm a shade that I can't feed, who will say that I'm the sun?
Little by little, my dear, who can say my choice?
Who will say that I have finished the book without reading it? {x2}
Who can say that he is a poor person?
Who will say that it is my pain to see me in the Hajj? {x2}

Pass by your acquaintances to strangers, cry, cry,

I can't bear these pains, my eyes are full of tears,
Even if there is no enemy, he is as despicable as me. {x2}
During the day, there is no rest in one place.
There is no moment in the eyes of the night. {x2}

I didn't see it, otherwise everyone who has trouble at the beginning,
Every person who appreciates this garden is a flower.
Every person is as thirsty as he is.
To his helper, as a parable, everyone pulls ashes,
So who can say that I am suffering from burning love?

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