A collection of poems about children



In the bosom of my beautiful Motherland,

Flowers and tulips opened.

We praise joy,

We are happy children.

Our sky is clear,

It's a clear morning.

Shines light on the future -

A bright example is our mind.

The purity of childhood,

Comparisons to the waterfall.

Watching our happiness

The sun is shining.

Excitement in our hearts,

Happiness is a great wealth.

For the value of childhood

Let's be children!

Creates hearts,

Fun, guys.

Our joy is in every heart -

Rainbow colored.

Peace be upon the earth,

Let the fire of hearts roar.

Anthem to the world -

"Hooray" of children!

NOW I'M SIX YEARS OLD — Comrade Suleiman

I am now six years old,

In front of big and small

My walks are fragmentary,

My posture is fragmentary.

Because I've come to my senses,

When a guest comes to the house,

Make eye contact

I can't get any chocolate.

Acquaintance people,

Brother, sister, fathers

They say:

- My husband,

Always be like that

In front of big and small,

After all, you are six years old.


Enjoyed independence,

Raise your heart for patriotism,

The song of joy played loudly

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

A twinkle in our eyes,

There is a fire in our chest,

There is no lie in our words,

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

Motherland is free, Motherland is prosperous,

Let's go to the future.

A happy generation is a healthy generation

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

We wish you an excellent reading.

The joy of the Uzbek people,

Great Motherland is our trust

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

CHILD, MY CHILD — Polat Momin

Oh my words

My little brother.

My husband, my wrestler,

My child, my child.

You are tulip-cheeked,

You are truly welcome.

The nightingale and the nightingale,

My child, my child.

You are the owner of the future,

Happiness is the fruit of our garden.

The jilva of the chamans,

My child, my child.

Grow quickly, your flour,

Happy every day.

May your flower keep smiling,

My child, my child.


The bosom of childhood is wide, clean,

It's great to play and laugh, soz-ah.

Let your heart flow like a stream,

Bridle the two rivers,

Give the world to the children.

Pur learns wisdom from you,

This is his habit - he follows the trail.

Sometimes we are strong and intelligent,

Let him recognize knowledge and loss,

Give the world to the children.

Able to perform miracles,

Uzbek son is a boy hero,

Wrestlers lie in their hearts,

A dry building of enlightenment,

Give the world to the children.

It's okay to be sweet,

Innocence is her wealth,

The branches are beautiful,

Rejoicing earth and sky,

Give the world to the children.

Laughter from Oymomo,

Cakes baked in the oven.

So dear to the country,

The opportunity is as wide as the world,

Give the world to the children.


Where is he, where does he live?

That cool kid in your midst

Good morning.

Excellent student in all subjects,

A room full of books.

He gives thanks to his teacher,

Proud parents.

The boy who drew pictures,

A boy who weaves a fairy tale.

The best boy in the world

A boy who reads a book.


Osaver, the original child of Uzbek,

Make Purviqor equal to the mountains.

Don't let go of your tune, zinhor.

Let the worlds catch, please sing.

You are a torch of hearts, a lamp of hope,

You are a beautiful nightingale walking in the gardens.

Our tomorrow is a beacon of hope,

You are a beautiful flower that has opened in the field.

You are a happy generation, a pure generation,

You are the honor of the country, you are the pride of the people.

It's in your veins

The holy blood of great figures.

You have taken steps towards the future.

How many times will you go?

Paving the way to virtue,

You will decorate the world forever.

O'Saver, the original child of my family...


Arjumandim, virtuous and wise,

Be proud and take care of yourself.

Huma is the symbol of our country.

Good luck to you, your future is bright.

Love the country, honor it, my child,

Independence is a great blessing.

A person who loves El is noble,

When you say the country, it is happiness and luck!

The pink sprout of my dream,

Good luck, baby.

Save my heart, all my life,

My falcon, my moonlight.

May your steps be filled with flowers,

May goodness smile in your footsteps.

Let there be only joy, I sympathize.

Whatever you wish, may it happen...

BEGUBOR FASL - Temur Ubaidullah

I set out, my way is far,

Far roads beckon.

My path is far, my intention is fair,

Impartial tongues beckon.

Until I hit the road

A severe storm, winds,

Until I reach my stop

Seedlings become trees.

I walked from one stop,

There are no words to describe it.

Do not love him and honor him,

There is no boy, there is no girl.

Childhood is its name,

He is familiar with the sun,

An unceasing hot moment

Crane-eyed fountain.

...Surprised by nature,

My joy is childhood,

Horny, sonorous, byron-byron

My walk is childhood.

Bol-u novvot grew up inside

My anger is childhood.

With all creatures

My friendship is childhood.

He did not care about the wind

My playfulness is childish.

Joy full of confusion, honor,

My joy is childhood.

My childhood is the most innocent -

It is the most innocent season.

My childhood is an endless spring,

Priceless original.

The songs of my childhood are sweet,

Did it turn into navo?

The melody of childhood is today

Spreading into the air…

If I compare the country to a garden,

There are flowers and tulips in it.

If only I knew my childhood

Happy children.

In his dream, in his mind,

i see myself

Look at them

I see myself.

Iqbal shines in his eyes,

That is my eye.

A lot of sweet words

That is my word.

Oil rained from their faces,

That is my face.

It's a lucky boy -

That is me.

…Listen, I say this moment,

When childhood words.

A dream in the heart

A song is being sung:

- We are white, we are black,

Our color is different.

But the original, let's say,

We are beautiful in every way.

If the world is a ring,

We are ruby ​​eyes.

Beloved of the world

Happiness is our word.

The flood of Oman

Not so much!

We are the enthusiasm of the enthusiastic,

The wind blows.

The child of a great man

If you don't want it,

Fathers, listen to us -

Peace be stable!

We are a bundle of joy,

We need the sun, peace - light!

Stop the terror

Long live the children!

He kicked with one intention

Trust us,

Don't look at our color

Look at our language.

Fathers, think of us,

We are flowers, tulips!

We are all over the earth

We will be the future!

Childhood is the most innocent,

Gard is a non-infected season.

A pure heart, wide, innocent,

The intention is pure and genuine.


Children of the world

One black, one white,

Children of the world.

Comrades to each other,

Children of the world.

It's fun to make a circle,

Children of the world.

There will be a system bead,

Children of the world.

Make friendship a flag,

Children of the world.

Open arms to the sun,

Children of the world.

A hug for peace

Children of the world.

CHILDHOOD - Abdurrahman Akbar

Everyone is happy in childhood,

Everyone is happy in childhood.

In childhood, everyone is healthy,

No illness in childhood.

Whether it's a boy or a girl,

In childhood, everyone is the same.

The world means the street,

A hill like a mountain.

Your mother is the moon, your father is the sun,

Your brother and sister are relatives.

From the eyes in childhood

Spilled age is a fun age.

Childhood is a magical bird,

The art of the creator.

Beautiful joy, beautiful dream -

This is the paradise of the world.


Enjoyed independence,

The love of the country,

The song of joy played loudly

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

A twinkle in our eyes,

There is a fire in our chest,

There is no lie in our words,

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

Homeland is free, Homeland is prosperous,

We are happy to go to the future,

A happy generation is a healthy generation

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.

Excellent study is our true dream,

The joy of the Uzbek people,

Great Motherland is our trust

We children, we children -

Happy boys and girls.


His bosoms are as broad as the breadths,

The joy of work in his eyes.

My peasant people, honest, pure,

He picks from the soil.

The world is full of songs,

The sun is coming closer.

This is where happiness lies

To the field where life has moved.

It fills the ditches

A reed telling a dream to the water.

With a book tucked under his arm

A boy who came to herd sheep.

Everything is sincere, simple,

You feel free, brother.

If the sun expresses your love,

The grass is a carpet.

If you hug, the sky will fit,

A star shines in your heart.

Dream the worlds

Children who grew up in the fields.

CHILDHOOD - MY ADULTHOOD - Ayubkhan Mohammadi

It does not leave my eyes.

My familiarity with life,

Not enough for childhood.


Ball, you see,

We will become famous.

Even the most advanced opponent

We win five to zero.

Yumalayver, heartbroken,

We will land on the moon.

There is no equivalent of a roundabout

To the name "Koptok".

I have an intention, follow you

I am full of glory.

Sometimes you stop

Ranjima, if I kick.

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