A collection of poems about the alphabet for children



Alphabet mine of knowledge,

Introduces the world.

Spring wore jamalak,

A rainbow came to the sky.

Dutor clicks Dildor,

The girls say alyor.

The male spring roars,

Goats and goats.

Angel full of space,

Sarish is in everything.

Cherries are ripe,

The gala birds clung.

Handalak is fragrant,

He is handsome.

Our dog came out fast,

Explorer and resourceful.

The chick does not drink

It does not pass through the corn.

It's a turtle,

A stone with a bowl.

Hills full of tulips,

The squirrels scream.

Mosh got a bean on his brow,

"Mecca," said Bagritash.

We have pears,

Novvot ekan juice.

Etiquette is like the sun,

A decent house is prosperous.

Onion shed tears,

Niyaz began to cry.

My rabbit is very timid,

A friend who will not be with me.

The picture was drawn by Rozivoy,

Thank you, Lamb.

A bird that floats in the water,

Birds of a feather flock together.

The fox walks in the night,

Picking up prey.

Ukki is the second

She is very sleepy.

The bee is buzzing,

Nishi sharp, round away.

Rooster eats grain,

Then he sings a song.

The world has become green,

Flowers purple carpet.

The earth is our mother,

We burn for the country.

The duck winters in the lake,

He catches fish.

The bud is so beautiful,

Red lips.

Shodi cooked lagmon,

Paqqos lowered Shodmon.

The porcelain teapot is empty,

He greeted the tea.

New sorrow rushes,

Coins for the wedding!

Here's a cucumber for you,

Leave half!

— Nurullah ASTON


Hello greetings,

The sun of wisdom.

A nightingale sings in the garden,

It is attached to the flower.

Dakang dakang cock,

Don terar akang rooster.

Eldor reads a fairy tale,

Elyor is a weaver.

Do you need an elephant?

Is the elephant a partner in profit?

A butterfly like a flower,

The wings are a rainbow.

The humo bird shines,

It calls for the path of happiness.

He avoids work he doesn't like.

He finds a thousand excuses.

The flower is small,

The shepherd is in a trance.

I miss my country,

We went out to meet the spring.

The falcon watches the blue,

The stork is looking for summer.

Mock like a monkey

The cat says tasqara.

The dragonfly roars,

The wing revives.

The moon shines in the sky,

A handful of hair stops.

Parda cooked cheese,

Parpi dropped the puck.

The crow hides the winter,

He snorts when he sees the snow.

Basil is a fragrant perfume,

Smell the world.

The mouse gnawed the carrot,

Well, he was gnawing and gaining weight.

A golden horseshoe was found,

He stumbled into the gate.

When we picked grapes,

We made molasses in the pot.

The governor threw a leaf,

Ali knocked it down.

We felt the threshing floor full of grain,

We put bread on the guests.

It's raining

The ridges are hilly.

Dear friends,

Whistles like the wind.

The pig gave birth to an apricot,

Sweat two handfuls.

My reel is spinning

He snorts uncontrollably.

A lion does not like sap,

It doesn't look like ice cream.

The sparrow found a worm,

Chittak ran after him.

Here's a cucumber for you, leave Yarmin to me.

— Nurullah ASTON

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