Constitution is the foundation of our prosperous life ESSAY


The Constitution is the foundation of our prosperous life. 
Enter. The Constitution is a guarantee of our rights and freedom.
Main part:
  1. The way our constitution was created and developed.
  2. The rule of law is the basis of development.
  3. Our constitution is our national pride.
  4. The result of the rational policy of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev Miromonovich based on the constitution in the society.
The Constitution is the main law of our Uzbek people, and the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the result of our nation's long and arduous path to independence. Three thousand years of statehood experience was relied upon in the construction of the constitutional "building". The word constitution is Latin "constitution" - structure, derived from the words tuzuk. It defines the structure of the state, the system of power and management bodies, their authority, structure of formation, electoral system, rights and freedoms of citizens, mutual relations between society and the individual, as well as the judicial system and mutual relations between the state and society. The first legal step towards the creation of our Constitution, which takes into account the advanced constitutional experience accumulated by 97 countries of the east and west, south and north, is our basic law - the granting of the status of the state language to the Uzbek language on October 1989, 21. The granting of language status is one of the brightest pages in the history of independence. A person who does not know his mother tongue has no future, and a person who does not know a person's language does not know his language either. Article 4 of our Constitution states: "The state language of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the Uzbek language.
The Republic of Uzbekistan ensures respect for the languages, customs and traditions of all nations and peoples living in its territory, and creates conditions for their development. The second legal step towards the creation of our constitution is an exciting event. In March 1990, at the first session of the Supreme Council of the twelfth convocation, the position of President was introduced in our republic within the former union. the issue is discussed, a special commission was formed. The idea of ​​creating the first Constitution of independent Uzbekistan was put forward for the first time in this session. The 3rd step towards the creation of the constitution is stated in paragraph 1990 of the "Declaration of Independence" announced by the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan on June 20, 8. the state establishes state symbols (coat of arms, flag, anthem) itself." the rule is strengthened. The 4th step was the establishment of the constitutional commission by the first President Islam Karimov on June 1990, 21. Step 5 is related to the official visit of our First President to the Republic of India on August 1991-17, 19. Step 6 On August 1991, 31, at the extraordinary 6th session of the Supreme Council of the twelfth convocation, I. Karimov said, "I propose to declare September 1 as the Independence Day in our republic, a public holiday from today. Step 7: Presidential election and independence referendum on December 1991, 29. Step 8: On September 1992, 8, the draft Constitution was submitted to public discussion, and finally, on December 1992, 8, our Constitution was adopted and this day was declared a national holiday. The Constitution was adopted at the 12th session of the Supreme Council of the 11th convocation. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is the basic law of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a political legal document with supreme legal force. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan consists of a preamble, 6 sections, 26 chapters and 128 articles. One of the main sources of every independent country is its constitution, which is a symbol of statehood.
The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is truly a democratic constitution. It is a legal document that includes and embodies historically tested universal value, centuries-old experience, spiritual values, and the legal heritage of our great ancestors. I. Karimov said that "the Constitution is an encyclopedia that introduces the state as a state and the nation as a nation" to the world. the psyche, social consciousness and culture", clearly confirms that his wise conclusions that he is "a product of our people's thinking and creativity" are correct and reasonable.
2. The preamble of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan states that the people of Uzbekistan aim to establish a legal state, and the rule of law is an important and indispensable sign of a legal state. The rule of law means that decisions, orders, documents, and actions of officials issued by state authorities and administrative bodies must be in accordance with the constitution and its laws.
For this reason, it is necessary for personnel at all levels, be it a minister, governor, president or ordinary citizen, to know the constitution and laws thoroughly, and organize their execution properly. In order for the concept of "Constitution and the rule of law to be a guarantee of a prosperous life" to be deeply embedded in the minds and hearts of our citizens:
1) effective organization of law enforcement, identification and elimination of systemic problems;
2) increasing public control and activity. The great Greek scientist Plato said: "People feeling the need for laws, if he studies them carefully, it will only benefit him. Otherwise, the goal envisaged by the law cannot be achieved";
3) in determining the legitimacy of mass media, "it should become a mirror of society;
4) when the adopted laws are consistent with our ongoing reforms;
5) sufficient legal knowledge, consciousness and culture of our citizens. In a country where the rule of law prevails, there will be development and growth. Ensuring its priority depends on the skill of the leader and the legal consciousness of the society. Today, we can see exactly this process in the policies of our president Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
Today, many of our young people are becoming educated and highly educated, which is a solid foundation for the future. There are many misconceptions that "the number of highly educated specialists is increasing, they have no job early, so why not spend money on education and work tomorrow." But in our life, the number of young people with high legal culture and education is increasing. At least they know their rights and responsibilities.
Why is there corruption in the country?
The reason is ignorance and not understanding the essence of the constitution. An educated person can always and everywhere express his opinion independently and is self-confident. The supremacy of the law is ensured today by our young people who are learning, inquisitive, enterprising, knowledgeable, and have potential. Our goal is to build a free and prosperous democratic legal society. The fact that Chapter III of the Constitution is called "The Constitution and the Rule of Law" indicates that we must obey it implicitly. All socio-political relations are regulated by our constitution and laws. Laws are for human benefit. The rule of law is not guaranteed economic crisis in society, corruption, people's faith in the future is lost. Such a country has no future. Freedom, justice, and equality are guaranteed in a state where the law prevails, the power's influence on a person is limited, human rights are protected, property rights are respected, and justice is carried out independently and effectively. The words of our great-grandfather, Amir Temur, who built a huge centralized state, "where there is rule of law, there will be freedom" are written in the pages of history. Because these words have a great meaning.
3. Our constitution is our pride. Strengthening his independence peace of our people, is an important basis for ensuring a comfortable life. This year, the 29th anniversary of our constitution was celebrated. Our youth are deeply aware of the great goals of protecting the constitutional rights of citizens, guaranteeing the priority of law and legality in society, and ensuring the peaceful, prosperous, contented and grateful life of our people at the heart of the changes and updates that are being implemented in all areas today. . Our Constitution should be the main criterion for all of us, and its provisions should become the main rules and goals of our lives. As the President said, laws should serve the interests of society. Then people will believe him. With this, it is not possible to damage the interests of others because "laws are only for our benefit". All citizens' rights, as well as their obligations, are expressed in the second section, which is called "The basic rights, freedoms and duties of a person and citizens".
Section 1 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan states the constitutional principles of the Republic of Uzbekistan as an independent state. Section 3 is called "Society and Individual" and covers economic activity, entrepreneurship, freedom to work, equality of all forms of property is guaranteed. Section 5 of our Constitution is devoted to the administrative-territorial structure of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Section 6 describes the procedure for amending the constitution.
I was not mistaken when I said that "our constitution is a beacon that guides us." Because, whatever activity we want to do, we face the specific procedure of each place. Then our legal mind will help us. We can think of this problem as a big one, or we can find an easy solution by knowing our rights and responsibilities. Each of our actions and words is legislated in the constitution based on order. Violation of the law will result in prosecution under the law. In addition, there are values ​​of each nation that have been refined over the centuries, which are reflected in our constitution.
High feelings such as humanity, kindness, and compassion in our people are included in our laws. In particular, the release of many citizens who have fallen into the path of crime by the President, the reduction of their sentences, the introduction by judges of an additional party to the criminal in the court process, the implementation of lightened punishments taking into account the relevant circumstances, etc.
Each of our laws in the Constitution is primarily for us. Therefore, today's youth should be aware of the constitution and laws, and be interested in what changes are happening in society. Constitution and upholding our laws, to understand the meaning, we should treat them with special respect and attention.
4. When each country chooses its own development path, it can determine its most important goals and objectives. The will of our people, human rights and interests, and the structure of the state are expressed in the constitution adopted in the first period of our country's independence. Our General Council notes the guarantee of equality of citizens of our country regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, social origin and created the ground for modern democratic development. Therefore, we honor, glorify and study our constitution. Based on the humanitarian principles of the President, 8 decrees on amnesty of those who committed crimes were adopted, more than 4 thousand people were released, 92 repentant people were pardoned.
"Mehr-1" and "Mehr-2" 261 citizens were rescued from armed areas such as Afghanistan and Syria on the basis of humanitarianism. This year, 5 people became citizens of Uzbekistan. The decree "On improving the effectiveness of state policy on youth and supporting the activities of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan" was adopted. Shavkat Mirziyoyev said that "the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan is a high example of the political and legal thinking of our people." The entire nation is following and grateful for the wise policy of our President today. They have a wonderful saying, and it should be imprinted in the minds of every official, chief, and responsible person. The President's statement that "the people must agree with us" is another vivid expression of how patriotic they are.
Shavkat Mirziyoyev based on the constitution accepting political, his decisions in economic, social, spiritual and other aspects are improving our country in every way. In particular, contracts with foreign countries are increasing in foreign policy, our young people are studying, studying and working abroad, public reception centers are being established, hotline numbers, reading and language learning are increasing among young people. construction works, material assistance and houses are given to the poor sections of the population. Especially, seeing the buildings under construction, landscaping work is heart-warming. Such beauties are created in a country with a stable constitution and law.
In the constitution, the ideas that stimulate the development of the society find their expression. The Constitution of Uzbekistan expresses the desire to leave a free and prosperous homeland for the future generations, to see their happiness and perfection. reasonable legal solution of the interaction between the state is defined. A person who has thoroughly mastered the constitution will be strong, perfect, and have strong faith in tomorrow's life. The Constitution is a document of incomparable historical importance. In it, historicity is combined with modernity, and the achievements achieved in the field of social, political, philosophical and legal thinking of the world are embodied. Every person should contribute to the development of our country.

Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan - 1992
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Musurmonova Jumagul.
Faculty of Economics. Economy (branches and sectors) 456 group 2nd stage student

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