Milk flow begins in the brain


Milk flow begins in the brain

If the mother does not have enough milk, the first thing to do is to hold the breast to the child and breastfeed quickly, quickly and many, many times. The more relaxed the mother is, the better the milk flow
🙆 Panic that "I don't have enough milk".
🙍 excessive anxiety

wakes up a signal in the brain that there is really little milk. This signal:
👉passes to hormones of milk production, from hormones:
👉 passes to the mammary glands
that's it:
☝️ the milk really begins to decrease.
🤷 What to do?
✓ First of all, be calm
✓Believe in yourself
✓Give love to your child
✓Click on your lap more.
✓Extend the time that the baby is properly attached to the breast.

What should not be done when you feel that the milk has decreased?☝️
🙅There is no need to limit the time of sucking
🙅 It is not necessary to take the breast away from the child saying "I'm done, my milk is finished".
🙅It is not necessary to change the breast during one feeding because there is not enough milk
🙅Do not hold the other breast until one breast is completely empty
‼️The most important thing is not to worry that my milk is low
❇️That's why Dear mothers! Breastfeed your baby often with inner calmness and unconditional love.

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