The sun of our life is a woman. March 8 holiday scenario


"The flower of our life, the sun is a woman"
March 8 holiday scenario
The hall is festively decorated. He sings the hymn of mothers on stage
a pleasant, melodious melody is heard. 1 boy and 2 presenters enter the stage
as a girl and a boy slowly come out.
B. Young man: Heaven is at the feet of mothers,
And so are the prophets born of the mother.
Munis mothers have silver hair,
The prayer of Topar is a salve for a thousand pains.
B. Girl: My mother, my mother's light, my world,
There is no equal, no image, my angelic mother.
It's heavenly, my basil
My mother is a real example in everything.
B. Guy: Hello, charming and graceful women - important
rama mothers! Dear teachers! Dear sisters! From each other
lobar, our kindergarten girls!
As you may have noticed, this year's winter is close to your heart
unable to stand it, he retreated and began to blow his breath.
B. Girl: In the days when spring winds are blowing over our motherland
the angel of our homes, the fortress of the family, we wash the children white,
glorifying the white-combed, unsurpassed wonder of creation
and expressing the highest, most tender feelings in our hearts, beautiful
celebration of elegance and sophistication, March 8 - celebration of International Women's Day -
we gathered for lash.
B. Young man: Dear mothers! Masters! Sisters and lobar
girls! Wishing you all a holiday of beauty and sophistication.
congratulations from us.
B. Girl: Your goal is always high, your life is long, your house is
may your family be peaceful, your sustenance increase.
Boy: Spring has come with flowers, with a nightingale in its king.
Mothers, we congratulate you on today's day.
Child: The day when the sun smiled, the day when the spring was shining.
March 8 is Mother's Day.
Boy: One is a flower and the other is a nightingale, boys and girls are happy today,
He holds flowers from his heart, for a loving mother.
Children sing the song "Mother".
Then they dance "Purple".
B. Young man: Who brings good news from his child,
A woman is standing in his way.
Let him be a scientist, a working doctor,
A woman lives in the world as "My child"!
B. Girl: You are right, she is a woman who does not burn in the world as a child
probably not. Let's listen to the hearts of such women
let's see what they say.
/Little girls dressed in different professions or education-
the singers come out and introduce themselves and read poetry./
Doctor: I am a doctor in a white coat,
I live with a white wish.
May you be healthy, of course.
Then I will live happily.
I am a doctor, but first of all,
I am a faithful mother to my child.
Gold in my hair,
I say my child, I will burn.
Teacher: My students are my life and my world.
The meaning of my life.
Every moment passes by,
My children are all of them.
How many love without seeing well,
My teacher is an ordinary mother,
Sweet baby, dear bunnies,
I say my child, I will burn.
Poet: The cream of words flows to the page,
I can live by example.
Paper, pencil aside,
My child suddenly cries.
My heart full of pain,
I am a poet but I am also a mother.
I wish for peace in the country,
I say my child, I will burn.
Chevar: I am a skillful flower gardener.
I will work with my love.
I love people from the bottom of my heart,
I serve with all my heart.
My eyes sparkle with joy,
I am a happy mother who laughs hard.
This craft made him famous,
I say my child, I will burn.
Business woman: Business woman entrepreneur,
Country today, bright tomorrow.
Don't say your plans are empty dreams,
The head mistress of the enterprise.
I will not deny the opportunity
I am an entrepreneur and a mother.
Career, fame is worthless zinhor,
My child, I will burn.
Goldsmith: My threads are made of gold,
The sun is reflected in the ornaments.
Momomeros is originally from God,
If I hold a needle, they dance.
Zoroastrianism is an art, not a craft.
My profession is my pride, but I am a mother.
Mercy is a great inexhaustible state,
I say my child, I will burn.
Olima: After toil, sleepless nights,
I have reached the secret of puzzles.
And after I turned around, without knowing it,
To the prisoner of the castle of knowledge.
I'm a great famous scientist,
First of all, thank you, my mother.
A single word in the tongue, in the heart,
I say my child, I will burn.
/ At the end of the poem, the leading young man and girl came out and all the professions who recited the poem
mon recites poetry pointing to them with their right hands.
B. Young man: In what profession, in what position,
Do not work, this woman is a mother!
Of pure and noble lineage,
Good luck to your child.
B. Girl: Bravely cross the land,
Ibo, modesty does not allow imagination.
Your heart has only one joy,
My child says that she is a woman in the world.
Children sing the song "Kizalaq".
Then they perform the dance "Doppi tikdim".
B. Educator: In our nation, the value of a nation that honors women is high.
there is a saying that Under the leadership of President Islam Karimov, women
supporting girls is one of the main directions of our country
became one. The State named after Zulfia, founded by our country's president
award to identify and support talented girls of our country
to encourage, encourage, to be mature in every field towards new goals
It is creating the ground for our sports
Protecting the honor of our country at the world level
we can see in the example. In addition, their science -
science, education, health care, production, art, literature and
witness their contribution in other fields
B. Guy: Now our boys are G'. "To my mother" by Ghulam
they recite his poem as a holiday gift.
Child: Kindness is the sun,
Every word was a book.
Butter, cream, jam,
Moon smile, sweet smile,
The world is without my mother.
Boy: Cut off the star
I will arrange the day.
After all, the motherland
Our day and night
Heaven is without you.
Child: Your heart is equal to space,
Also learn to fly
As precious as my country,
You show me the way
Like lightning flying in the blue.
B. Girl: Our girls are also the poet Rauf for today's celebration
Talib's poem "Oyi-Oijan" is recited. Thank you
Boy: Oh, if I were a flower,
Do you love your daughter?
I opened it and burned,
I would like to please your eyes.
Boy: Oh, oh, I'm the wind,
I would not leave any trace of you.
I would brush your hair
I would kiss your face.
Boy: What if I was the sun?
Get over it.
Even the nights I was sweating,
I would not leave you.
Boy: Oh, I wish I were a bird,
I was walking in the morning.
Enjoy your time
I would like it, I would like it.
Girls dance to the song "Gulpari".
B. Educator: You are lucky to have created the human race,
You are a beautiful woman in this troubled world.
The soul of the nation, you are the symbol of the Motherland,
You are Eve, the unquenchable light of the country.

Mother is holy, mother is a dear and dignified figure. Mother life
fountain It is from this source that they quench the thirst of their children.
screams. Wise men's thoughts and wisdom about mothers are centuries old
is preserved. Now our children have learned this by themselves
they give examples of wisdom.

Child: Cradle mother with one hand
His second hand shakes the world.
Child: Mother's tongue hurts
The earth also trembles.
Child: The value of a mother, the value of life.
Child: To please the mother,
It is better than performing Hajj 50 times.
Child: Tulip with mother, tulip with flower.
Boy: Don't look for a crown of honor,
Seek mother's approval.
Child: Even when the world is narrow
Mother's belly is wide.
Child: Mother's bitter words,
It opens the child's mind.
Child : If a child's finger hurts
Mother's heart hurts.
Boys dance to the tune of "Kari Navo".
Leader: Children, do we all have grandmothers?
Children: Yes...
Leader: Songs and poems in praise of the brides
we say
Boy: May your hair like white cotton be safe and your head safe.
Tell me, grandma, how old are you now?
Child: Your words are good, your face is interesting, why is there a line?
Dear grandmother, your heart is so warm.
Boy: You took care of my dad, and my mom liked you.
My grandmother is agile in a fairy tale.
Boy: Grandmother, the old people are even far away.
They are always with us when they are gone.
Boy: When he says water, we wait for him to say,
To our happiness, be healthy and always be safe
Boy: Grandmothers are only for you, only for you,
We will make you happy by singing happy songs.
May your life be long, may our house be filled with light.
Children will perform the song and dance "Will you be a grandmother".
They will perform the dance "Leylo".
B. Child: Mother is great. God himself honored him. What a photo
hlar did not kneel in front of him. They used their wealth and
You say that you are ready to throw your rat at his feet.
B. Girl: Our geniuses and scholars, our president, great scientist
Mother is also the one who brought us up. According to the definition of mothers
no matter how many hymns we sing.
Now it's time to play the action game "Who's the Fastest".
miz. The purpose of this is to help our children with housework
we will witness how they help and are agile.
Children will play the action game "Chefs".
Then they dance to the song "The Beauty of Samarkand".
B. Young man: Well, our holiday has come to an end. Once again mother-
We will congratulate our souls with the holiday of March 8.
B. Girl: May the Creator grant you safety, happiness,
We wish you a blessing.
Holiday program with the phonogram composition of the song "Mothers".
will be completed.

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