What kind of clothes are suitable for short women?


Most girls are embarrassed by their short stature. In fact, this is not a shortcoming, but if this situation is bothering you, we are ready to help! So, on our page we will try to solve your problem in a simple way - with the help of clothes!
What kind of clothes to choose?
Low-rise girls should choose dresses that are sewn in exactly the same color as possible (not colorful), with a slight adhesion to the figure, with vertical stripes, and a narrower part of the skirt. They show your body a little elongated. Classic style dresses are also suitable for these ladies. When choosing a dress for work, it is not recommended to choose a set of dresses with a short skirt and a suit with a long or vice versa. The reason is that this dress makes you look smaller and your legs shorter.
The best solution is a nice black shirt
Among the dresses of any girl of short stature should be dresses that are knee-length, not the longest, the waist is sewn from the top, beautifully decorated with small buttons and stones. The black ones are for you! But we can’t recommend black to very thin girls. Instead, choose other colors that are darker: dark blue, red, and so on. Keep in mind that layered, i.e., pleated skirts and large pocket dresses are designed for taller girls.
Choose the type of outerwear, ie blouses with a width of 3/4 length, a collar of medium size and a waistband. As for the suit, choose the types that are short in length - up to the waist. Every detail of the dress: buttons, pockets, collar, folds should be small enough to fit you. If the dress fits your shoes, it will be a great light on light.
Long beads, "drop" ornaments
When short girls choose jewelry, they should mainly pay attention to elegant chains and long beads. These accessories will not only make your overall look more attractive, but also make your neck look longer. Do not neglect thin belts, small bags, drop-shaped pendants.
Skirts, pants
If you intend to show your height a little higher, skirts with a cut at the back or side and below knee length are just for you! They make your legs look a little longer. Choose from a variety of classic-style, straight-cut pants that hide the heel of your shoes and match tunics. Long and wide, speaker-length (klyosh) skirts are not recommended at all for short ladies who are full. It is preferable that they choose varieties with a vertical figure, a thin belt at the waist.
Do not stand from above
Try to choose styles that match your overall look. We recommend straightening, spreading or short-cut hairstyles. Long hair and frizzy hairstyles are mostly suitable for tall ladies. If you like to comb your hair, then don’t straighten your hair too high.

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