? 10 main causes of miscarriage?


In the early stages of pregnancy, the risk of miscarriage is higher. Sometimes it is caused by specific factors, sometimes the cause is not determined.

Every woman should be aware of the danger signs that can occur during pregnancy.

The following are the most common factors that lead to miscarriage:?

1. Hereditary disorders present in the fetus. Statistics show that in 73% of cases of miscarriage, the fetus develops a genetic disorder. This condition is a natural recurrence, meaning that the unborn, genetically unhealthy fetus falls off spontaneously and the pregnancy ends.

2. Hormonal disorders. Disruption of the hormonal balance in the female body often leads to miscarriage.

3. Immunological causes. This condition is uncommon. It is often caused by rhesus conflict. In this case, the mother's body accepts the fetus as iodine and fights the immune system to destroy it.

4. Sexually transmitted infections. In particular, some TORCH infections lead to the death of the fetus without proper development.

5. General diseases of women. Infections and viruses that cause a woman's body temperature to rise above 38 degrees can cause a miscarriage.

6. Previous abortions. After an abortion, strong inflammatory processes can occur in the female genitals. This condition is manifested in the death of the fetus before the end of subsequent pregnancies.

7. Some medicines and herbal tinctures. It is advisable to give up all medications and herbal tinctures as much as possible in the 1st trimester of pregnancy. Some tools can cause the fetus to die, not to develop.

8. Strong stress. A stressful situation caused by severe loss or other causes has a negative impact on the condition of the delicate embryo.

9. Falling, hitting. Physical exertion can cause the fetus to fall.

10. Unhealthy lifestyle. Habits such as excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can be detrimental to the health of the developing fetus.

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