April 22 - International Earth Day


Every year, April 22 is celebrated as "World Earth Day". Earth Day was first celebrated in 1971. That same year, a special resolution was adopted by the UN Secretary-General. At the 1972 UN Conference in Stockholm, the problem of environmental degradation was raised. Governments have since developed the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to address global environmental challenges, protect and improve the environment. The main task of this program is to solve global environmental problems and assist states in supporting various projects and programs in this area.
The total area of ​​our Kurrai land is 420 million sq. Km. km. less than 30% (140 million sq. km.) of land. If we assume that the population of the planet is 6,5 billion, then 0,02 square meters per capita of these dry lands. km. However, it should be noted that the bulk of these land areas are desert areas, ancient glaciers and highlands, ie areas that are difficult for human habitation.
According to the book "Global Environmental Development" prepared by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), there are 2 billion people in the world. lands are degraded.
According to scientists, land degradation is caused by deforestation, overgrazing of pastures, irrational use of land in agriculture and, consequently, salinization, mudslides, as well as the acceleration of industrial development and urbanization. (cities, road construction, waste generation) are also key factors. The acceleration of this process, especially in the twentieth century, has been seriously recognized by the world community.

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