March 21 Navruz Holiday Scenario


March 21 Navruz Holiday Scenario
            The scene depicts a spring-like landscape. From afar one can hear the chirping of birds such as nightingales and hawks. The gushing water in the canals, the image of the flowers, the blue hills, the majestic mountain landscapes, the beauty of the blossoming trees give the audience a spring mood and high spirits.
(A herald appears on the stage and invites everyone to the Navruz holiday).
            People are people,
            Almonds grown in the garden!
            Don't say I haven't heard,
            Celebrate Navruz,
            Don't be late for the party!
                        Let the markets flow,
                        Our people are the opposite,
                        All of you these days,
                        Don't be late for the party!
                                   Night and day are equal,
                                   It all grows one muchal,
                                   Happy New Year,
                                   Let the tongue be full of joy,
Don't be late for the party!
            (The herald turns around and leaves the stage. One by one the Sukhans enter the stage).
1st song:
            Hello, motherland, land of dawns!
            There is no end to your description.
A sacred song dedicated to you.
            This is the anthem of the Uzbek people.
2st song:
            The song sings again in the blue depths,
            Another old floor is a green bed.
            Mudrash-u dreams again,
            A thousand different things to play in the heart as a young man.
1st song:
            History, description, epic in languages,
            The sun is shining, the sky is blue,
            Hafiz sings, dances,
            You give joy, old and young,
            Navruzjon, your arrival this year is different.
2st song:
            One side big fight, one side kupkari,
            Askiya, they say, is dead.
            According to the Yangs,
            You bring joy to the old and the young
            Navruzjon, this year's arrival is different!
1st song:
            Hello, gardeners of the science garden, kind teachers and knowledge-hungry students!
            Bahorai, the bride of the seasons, came to our country, spreading her golden garland and showing off her beauty.
2st song:
            Yes, spring is the season of awakening and rejuvenation. In this season, our hearts are filled with joy, pleasure and excitement. Spring is a season of festivities.
1st song:
            We recently celebrated March 8 — International Women’s Day. Now the ancient and eternally young, great holiday Navruz is knocking on the door. Happy Navruz to the world!
2st song:
            Every spring Navruz is celebrated. The traditions and customs of spring will never leave our people, on the contrary, Navruz will be improved, refined and enriched every year. By the way, Navruz has a history of many thousands of years.
1st song:
            Let's get acquainted with the history of Navruz.
            (Seven students in festive costumes will appear on the stage).
            Navruz, the ancient and eternal holiday of the peoples of the East, has a history of four thousand years. Valuable sources on the origin and formation of Navruz are the sacred book of Zoroastrianism "Avesto", the famous encyclopedist Abu Rayhan Beruni, Umar Khayyam, Abulqasim Firdavsi, Nosiriddin Rabguzi, Yusuf Khas Hajib, Navoi. Navruz is celebrated as a symbol of love, friendship, purity and humanity.
            According to Abulqasim Firdavsi's work "Shohnoma". Jamshid (one of the kings of ancient Iran) invented smelting iron, making weapons, spinning yarn, sewing clothes, building houses and baths. Then he divides people into groups according to their abilities and professions.
            Finally, one day he made a throne and ascended to heaven, which was the first day of Farvardin. Everyone is very happy, this day is the beginning of the new year and has become a tradition. ("Farvariddin" is a Pahlavi word that refers to the sign of the zodiac, from March 21 to April 22)
            Abu Rayhan Beruni wrote the following in his book "Monuments of Ancient Peoples". "The reason he called that day 'Navruz' was that when Jamshid became king, the pagan religion was renewed, and this day was called 'Navruz' - 'New Day'."
            The great sage of the East, astronomer Umar Khayyam in his book "Navruznoma" notes that the word "Navruz" was first mentioned in the holy book of Zoroastrianism (III-II centuries BC) "Avesto". In the Avesto, which mentions Navruz as a holiday, it is stated that the meaning of human life should be embodied in three senses. These are good thoughts, good words, good deeds.
            There is an hour on the day of Navruz. At this hour, Feruz (the sky of happiness) drives the creation of spirits, creatures. The happiest hours of the day are the sundials. In the morning, the light is as close to the ground as possible. People consider themselves happy when they look at him.
            As we search the pages of ancient history in search of Navruz, our eyes fall on the pages of the famous XNUMXth century linguist M. Kashgari's "Devonu lug'atit-turk". Because in this world-famous work, the author analyzes the songs of Navruz that are in people's hearts.
            History, times, centuries have witnessed that Navruz is glorified and celebrated as a symbol of kindness, purity and love. Poets always praise Navruz.
            No wonder we do not consider Navruz as our national holiday. Because Navruz is a holiday that has lived with us and our people for thousands of years. It contains the great spirits of our great ancestors.
            (One by one, great scholars enter the circle and recite excerpts from their poems about Navruz).
Hafiz Sherozi:
            The beauty of flowers is not pleasant to beginners,
            Spring without pleasure.
            A fruitless garden-orchard,
            Otherwise, a tulip-faced flower.
Umar Khayyam:
            How beautiful is the name of Navruz on the face of a flower!
            Dilafruz is so beautiful when you walk!
            If you are happy, every moment with pleasure today,
            What a beautiful word if you never open it from the last day!
A. Navoi:
            Dressed appropriately, except for the holiday of Navruz,
            The cypress is a green creature, and so is my cypress.
            Bobur spoils the holiday of Navruz,
            One hundred Navruz holidays if the world is not good.
            O beautiful beauty,
            Ayrjomi visoling - said Navruz.
            Fasli navbahor died, ketibon zimistonlar,
            Friends, it's a trophy, go for a walk.
            In the morning the dew falls, the vegetables are happy,
            The flowers are falling, the clouds are falling!
A. Avloni:
            Spring is a holiday,
            Demish poet Umar Khayyam.
            Ketur ey soqi, gulgun jam,
            It will be a nightingale.
            (The scholars slowly leave the stage.) The song "Bahor Vasli" is played. The little girl and her friends run through the greenery in search of flowers. Finally, he finds a daisy. “Urey, here’s the flower I found. Come on, girls, we'll take her to my grandmother. ” (They run out of the stage).
1st song:
            All invited guests have arrived. For some reason our Wise Grandma is a little late. What have we done now?
            Maybe we'll wait a bit.
2st song:
            Look, your words are in your mouth. Our 100-year-old grandmother is coming. Let us greet them with applause.
            (Children clap).
1st song:
            Assalamu alaykum, buvijon!
            And peace be upon you, my children! I'm sorry. My nephew Khalidahon and I wanted to inquire about the condition of a sick friend. We got stuck there for a while. From time to time we entered the cemetery and read the blessing to rejoice the souls of our ancestors. Woe is me, for I am ruined!
            When we arrived, the whole place was clean and tidy, the trees were elegant and the tags were soft. I'm happy. By the way, happy Navruz!
2st song:
            Thank you, Grandma, always be strong, live many more years, we will be at your service!
            (Meanwhile, a girl with a bouquet in her hand comes running and holds the bouquet to her grandmother).
            Grandma, I found the bouquet and ran towards you.
            "Thank you, my daughter. Here spring has begun. Peace and prosperity, let's reach another year, ”he prayed.
            My child, now you can sit with your friends and watch the holiday.
1st song:
            Bahoroy, Navruzjon, Dehqonbobo and Choponbobo were also guests of today's holiday.
            (At that moment Bahoroy and Navruzjon enter the stage to soft melodies)
            Here I am, beautiful spring,
            I have come to you.
            I planted trees,
            Buds to roots.
            With my white apricot flowers,
            With my warm sunshine.
            Greening, resting,
            A thousand kinds of rainbows,
            To those of you who came as guests.
            Assalamu alaykum, dear young people, whose pure hearts are devoted to entertainment, song and dance, art! Here is a beautiful spring in our country. Beauty, renewal, rejuvenation everywhere. Festive festivities in every corner of the country, in mahallas.
            I think that from today, farming will begin, won't it?
2st song:
            Yes, of course. Today Dehqonbobo is also a guest of our circle. Today, the farmer is out in the field, trying to hit the ground for the first time. Please, Farmer, if you start field work.
            Bismillohir Rahmanir Rahman!
            It's been a year,
            The new year has come.
            Let the stomachs line up,
            Let the sumacs be filtered!
            Let the wheat ripen!
            Let our food be our mountain!
            Amen, Allahu akbar!
                        (The farmer hits the field with a hoe and sows the seeds).
1st song:
            Please, friends, it's your turn to sing Navruz!
            The farmer became a field,
            The bull's horn was anointed.
            Plow, plow, chisel.
            The farmer was ready.
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
            Sow barley and wheat,
            Let the grass grow,
            Let the farmer's work be right,
            Let the storehouses be filled with grain.
            Happy new year
            Let the pots be milky.
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck
            Today is a holiday - New Year's Eve,
            New Year's Eve.
            The generosity of every household.
            Rice or milk soup,
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
            Hard soup, milk soup,
            Brown porridge, juice.
            The soup is like cooked marrow
            Great little car
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
            Let there be no hunger,
            Momo, let your stomach be full,
            Let our food be whole,
            May we live long.
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
            Nightingale walks in the mountains,
            Willow chews his liver.
            If you ask this brother,
            He jumps like a lamb.
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
            Good luck to us,
            May there be many blessings.
            Fortunately, a peaceful time,
            Have a great time
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
            Let the tulips open,
            Let the hand be spread over the land.
            May there always be peace,
            Long live the country.
            Um ugh, fuck, um ugh, fuck.
2st song:
            Grandfather Chopon is also a guest today, and now we hear his wishes from him.
Shepherd grandfather:
            May our New Year be a blessed year, and may our lambs be twins only.
1st song:
            Thank you, grandfather, for your good wishes. Dear friends, Navruz has its own traditions and customs. There are many people who follow the traditions of Navruz. Who knows what Navruz traditions are?
            They are preparing for Navruz. They clean the yard, the houses.
            Until Navruz, tree trunks are whitewashed.
            Before Navruz, they gather and burn their treasures in the gardens.
            In Navruz, they grow wheat and cook sumalak.
            They wear new clothes and hats on Navruz.
            On Navruz, they bring new clothes to the girls and make them happy.
            In Navruz they are ready to ride horses.
            They do not sit sadly on Navruz.
            Navruz dishes are cooked on Navruz.
            On the day of Navruz they make instruments in the courtyards.
            On Navruz they go out to choose a girl.
            On Navruz they forget their grievances.
            On Navruz they visit relatives.
            They do not swear in Navruz.
            On Navruz, the bride is given a Navruz drive.
            They do not curse on the eve of Navruz.
            On the day of Navruz they visit the graves of their parents.
            Horses and dogs are not beaten on Navruz.
            They do not gossip on Navruz.
            They do not kill snakes on Navruz.
            On the day of Navruz they pick mint.
            On the day of Navruz they wear red clothes.
            On Navruz, patients will be sent holiday meals.
1st song:
            Thank you, guys, we know from your answers that you have learned the traditions of Navruz. If you follow them, the light will shine.
2st song:
            Now we bring to your attention the Uzbek national dance "Lazgi" performed by our girls.
1st song:
            There are many legends about Navruz among our people. What can you say about them?
            I will now tell you the legend of the day when Jamshid performed a miracle.
            When Jamshid became king, he renewed the pagan religion and called the day of Navruz Navruz. Although this day was revered before Jamshid, it was not turned into Eid.
            The same is said about the celebration of Navruz. Jamshid got a car and got in the car that day. The demons and devils lifted him up into the air and took him from Dunbovand to Babylon one day. When people saw this wonderful event, they celebrated Eid that day and flew on ropes, imitating Jamshid's chariot ride.
            (Girls fly on a rope and sing "Halinchak").
            I will tell the legend of "Solomon's ring".
            Sulayman ibn Dawud lost his magic ring. The king, who had lost his throne, was very sad and suffered. But 40 days later, his ring was found and he regained his former prosperity. In that day all the kings of the earth, and the beasts, and the birds, and the giants, and the dragons, bowed down to Solomon. Seeing this, the Iranians said, "Navruz is lucky, that is, a new day has come." That day was called Navruz.
            When the magic ring was found, Solomon commanded the wind. As the wind lifted him up and flew away, he came across a swallow's nest.
            Then the swallow said, “O king, I had some eggs in my house. Don't hurt them. ”
            Then Solomon bypassed the swallow's nest and went to a beautiful place. At that moment, the swallow brought water in his mouth and gave Solomon a locust's foot.
            This is the tradition of sprinkling water and giving presents on Navruz.
            (Students also tell legends about Navruz, such as "The day the fire was discovered", "Jamshid's throne").
1st song:
            Now we will listen to the song "Navruz" performed by our young men in the words of the Uzbek poet Muhammad Yusuf. Please listen.
            In Navruz they said to bury Navruz,
            They said, "Bury and be silent."
            Obsolescence is actually a holiday,
            They called him a believer.
            The believers bowed their heads to the ground,
            A strange massacre has begun, my friend.
            The children fought, the elders were silent,
            Personally, I grew up for ten years in one year.
            No one said, O gulira'no,
            What do you mean without Navruz?
            Compliments fell on the devil's footsteps
            A thousand praises were recited to Satan.
            So what happened next?
            "Player" came off the stage
            God knows where he disappeared,
            Look for that godless one.
            Come on, Navruz, come on,
            I survived the massacre for forty years.
            I won't give you to anyone anymore,
            I took it from Yalmogiz's sheep.
2st song:
            Navruz is also celebrated in folk proverbs. What proverbs do you know about Navruz?
            There will be no winter after Navruz,
            There will be no summer after Mezon.
            Hut entered, smoke went underground.
            Bless the nation day,
            Let evil enter the earth.
            The pregnant woman is crying.
            ("Andijan Regiment" dance will be performed).
1st song:
            In our hands this holiday,
            It is impossible without sumac.
            Mint, without covering the somsa,
            Dear guest is not waiting.
                        Yes, dear ones, we cannot imagine Navruz without meekness, sincerity, guja and sumalak. Now let’s hear from our dear guest Dono’s grandmother about the idea of ​​making sumalak.
            (The wise grandmother tells of her experiences in making sumalak).
2st song:
            Thank you, Wise Grandma! We learned how to make sumalak from you. Oh, guys, what do you know about sumalak and how to make it?
            No stranger is allowed in the house where Sumalak wheat is harvested. A person who has performed ablution enters the house where wheat is produced and says, "Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim," and sprinkles water on the grass.
            People rub wheat grass on their eyes.
            On the day of sumalak cooking, everyone wears a heavy coat. It is said that a person who does not have new clothes will be rewarded even if he ties a piece of heavy cloth on his finger.
            On the day of sumalak cooking, the Athenians first recite the Qur'an, light a lamp around the hearth, and cast out ghosts.
            Before putting the sumac juice in the pot, heat the oil in the pan and cook the intestines from the unsalted dough.
            If a woman puts firewood under her stomach and says in front of a sumalak what she has in mind, her dream will come true.
            Unclean people are not allowed near the sumac pot. If they approach an unclean pot, the pot will overflow.
            If a woman with children goes around the pot where sumalak is cooked three times and expresses her intention, her wishes will come true.
            After the sumac is dispersed, the well-meaning woman washes the stomach. Then he prays and pours the water from the pot under a fruit tree.
1st song:
            Thanks guys!
            We all know that the Uzbek people have always hated entertainment. It is hard to imagine Navruz without entertainment. Next, to Navruz songs.
            (Songs and dances such as "Boychechak", "Kim aldi-ya", "Sust khotin", "Sumalakjon, sumalak" will be performed).
2st song:
            It is difficult to imagine Navruz without national games. We have such national games as "Kurash", "Rooster and ram", "Kupkari", "Ahug", "Doppi tushurdi", "Tukhum yorar", "Varrak uchurish". Now we invite you to the game "Tug of war". Our guys are divided into two groups and pull the ropes.
1st song:
            Don't give up your habit, Navruz,
            My new year is spring.
            Can you find the word in your description,
            Free, eternal pride!
2st song:
            Happy Navruz,
            May the great and the small be happy.
            Long live the people and the country,
            Long live the time!
1st song:
            My people, do not leave the holidays,
            Know the difference between good and bad these days.
            Always be alert comrade,
            Let's raise Uzbekistan to the sky.
            My country, may you live as long as Navruz,
            Let the sun shine forever!
2st song:
            Thus, the "Do not give up your habit, Navruz!", Dedicated to the holiday of Navruz. Our so-called event has come to an end.
            Thank you for your attention!
            Always be healthy!

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