Who is exempt from paying for entrance exams? - new list


The category of applicants who do not pay for entrance exams has increased.

Applicants who graduated in the years prior to admission will be charged for participation in the entrance exams. Only certain categories of applicants are exempt from such payment. Since this year’s admission, the category of applicants who do not pay to take the exam has expanded
State Testing Center reported, in accordance with the law, entrants who have graduated from school, college, lyceum in the years prior to the year in which the entrance exam is held, will be charged a fee equal to half of the BHM for participation in the test.
Graduates, persons with disabilities and children from orphanages, graduates of orphanages, who graduated in the year of the test, are not charged such a fee.
According to the presidential decree, the category of non-collectible entrants:

• Persons registered in the information system "Single Register of Social Protection" and their children;

• Youth registered in the Youth Book are also included.

At this year’s admission, both of these categories of entrants will also not have to pay for the exam.

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