Who is exempt from property tax?


Who is exempt from property tax?

We receive questions about who is exempt from property tax.

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According to information, the following 3 categories of individuals are exempted from property tax:

👍 pensioners;
👍 Persons with 1-2 groups of disabilities;
👍 families with ten or more children.

According to Article 421 of the Tax Code, they are exempted from tax for their property within 60 square meters.

If a person owns more than one property, the exemption is applied to only one residential immovable property of his choice.

What to do to use the privilege?

● pensioners from these rights pension certificate,

● 1-2 groups of disabled people need a disability certificate,

● families with ten or more children can use the neighborhood by personally presenting a certificate confirming the presence of children to the tax authority in the area where they live.

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