About Al-Hadaya


About Al-Hadaya

Our customers are asking for my opinion about Al-Hadaya product, which has been heavily advertised on social media lately. After that, I came across a number of Al-Hadaya commercials. This product is made from black sedan seed oil. And it’s not a new, some kind of heavenly product. Black sedan oil was already sold.

Of course the black sedan has many useful features. That is why our ancestor Ibn Sina also commanded that black sedan be consumed by adding it to bread, one of our most consumed blessings. If you pay attention, for example, in Samarkand breads, I always see that black sedan. It also has a fragrant smell and taste, opens the appetite. Those who have eaten this bread know. Unfortunately, this is not the case with our buns. The majority of the city's population eats buffalo bread.

Returning to the Al-Hadaya product, this product is also made from the same black sedan that you and I know, which many do not pay attention to. There is no other magical place. It just has marketing that costs millions. It's like putting something dusty underfoot, unnoticed, wrapped in paper and hung where you can see it.

It is not a magical product to the extent stated in Al-Hadaya commercials. It's too exaggerated. When you hear an advertisement, you think that Al-Hadaya is the solution to all human problems. Remember that this product certainly has beneficial properties, but does not have a therapeutic effect. Distinguish between the two. Being helpful does not mean that a person lying in bed running away from the taste will get up on his feet if he drinks it, or that a stomach ulcer will heal a person from a wound. Or it doesn’t mean it cures a person struggling with cancer.

It is absolutely baseless to say that it darkens white hair, cures diabetes, rejuvenates the abdomen, strengthens the weak, relieves cardiovascular disease, reduces vomiting, and pistons the palon. If you pay attention, advertising is aimed at attracting more people's attention, selling more products, with the idea that it will be a solution to the most common problems in our population.

P / S. My advice is to return the black sedan to consumption, that’s it!

👉 @doctor_Muminov

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