Brief information about the duration of pregnancy


Brief information about gestational age…

❗️ Gestational age (Gestational age) - Calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period to birth and is determined in full weeks or full days.

In obstetrics, 7 days are added after the last menstrual period and 3 months are subtracted from the number. Then comes the woman's estimated gestation period.

⭕️ Premature birth is a miscarriage from 22 weeks to a full 37 weeks (259 days) of gestation.

⭕️ A timely delivery is a birth that lasts from a full 37 weeks of gestation to a full 42 weeks (259-293).

⭕️ Late delivery is a follow-up after a full 42 weeks (more than 294 days) of gestation.

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