An event on the topic "The role of parents in child education" will be held


Oralova Mohigul Mamarajabovna's event development on the topic "The role of parents in child education"
Hello dear guests, parents, respected teachers. It was organized in connection with the "Year of Healthy Mother and Child" to our 20th school. Welcome to the seminar on "The role of parents in child education".
How many years will pass,
Stars are the straw of tears
A good person is a bad person
Mercy remains, love remains.
A child was born in the family. Love for the Motherland, humane feelings, kindness, respect - all of them are instilled in the child's heart with the mother's will.
-Alla sounds
Spirituality is an incomparable force that calls a person to spiritual purification, spiritual growth, awakens a person's inner world, strengthens his will, faith is the criterion of all his views.
Spirituality is absorbed into the blood and bones of a person over the years, mother's milk, family upbringing, ancestors' education, feeling of the Motherland drop by drop with sometimes bitter, sometimes joyful lessons of this life.
(I. Karimov)
—— The child grows up and goes to kindergarten.
Beginner: It is known that the Uzbek people have been distinguished by their childhood and family orientation. Of course, loving children and idolizing them is in one's own way, but it is always important for us to raise our children from a young age on the basis of national education, morals and high spirituality. has gained importance.
-School life (scenario)
The sun of the school is the happiness of the world,
May the sky of the school be blessed,
School is a sweet place,
School is a paradise, free nature.
As long as there is life in this bright world, there is a family. When there is a family, there is a priceless gift called a child. As long as there is a child, a person always lives with good dreams and aspirations.
--- A scene from college life.
Today, all our work is done for the happiness of our children and their bright future. But happiness is not determined only by wealth and possessions. A polite, knowledgeable and intelligent, hardworking, faith-believing child is the greatest wealth not only of parents, but also of the entire society.
Put your head on the spoon
Donate your body to the beginning of charity
The light that turns night into day is exposed
One is the moon, the other is the sun.
——— Neighborhood (scene view)
Host:    It is obvious to all of us that if the family is healthy, the society is strong, and if the society is strong, the country is stable. When talking about improving our spiritual life, it is certainly appropriate to dwell on the role and influence of the neighborhood.
--- University (stage view)
Host:    Another important vital factor that has a direct impact on the formation of spirituality is closely related to the education system.
Education cannot be separated from education, and education cannot be separated from education - this is an oriental view, an oriental philosophy of life.
—— A poem praising the motherland
Starter;  As a person realizes his identity and his lineage, the deeper the roots of the feeling of love for the Motherland in his heart, the higher the love for the country where he was born and raised.
If we want to use the opportunities given to us by our respected President, first of all, our family should be strong. If our family is strong, the child is in all educational institutions
  1. In kindergarten
2. At school
3. In college
  1. They become perfect people in universities.
  Beginner  From the scene shown to you, it is clear that family, school, neighborhood cooperation is integral in raising a child. In today's seminar training, we will talk about this with your guests.
There is a word in the world
It is equal to big and small.
He even the universe
It spins like silk.
Someone loses someone
Keep an eye on the good,
First from each other
"Peace?" he asks.
A family of talented students of our school was invited to the seminar training. Let's get to know them.
1. The Malikov family
2. Safarov family
  1. Akhmedov family.
Groups, until you choose a name and write a description
Performances of 4th grades will be shown.
The name of the groups will be heard.
Working with groups, definitions of proverbs are given.
  1. Take care of your mother
Keep your word to your father.
  1. A decent boy is a star in the sky,
A polite girl is a beaver on the collar.
3. Respecting parents and being obedient to them in every matter is the most important duty of a girl and a boy.
  1. Greet each other, and love will arise between you.
  2. Those who respect their teachers and mentors will find happiness in this world and in the hereafter.
  3. There is no better treasure than knowledge.
If you can type as much as you can.
  1. If you work hard in your youth, learn science, acquire a profession, you will find pleasure in your old age.
We will watch the performance of students of the 6th "D" grade.
The explanation of the parables is heard.
Beginner        Story
Please, dear guests, express your opinion
8- "A" girls' poems praising the family
Beginner  Dear parents, what is your opinion from the seminar?
They say that swallows also nest in private houses. Or a house with a swallow's nest will be special. So, birds love a peaceful and pleasant house, they are attracted to it.
The prosperity and well-being of the family depends on the people who live in it - family members. If they live in harmony with each other, if they aim at one goal, this house will be prosperous.
Definition of composition
musical performances


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