Laundry secrets


Have you ever heard the saying, "Do the laundry and go to the owner's house"? This is not in vain. When the woman, who had washed the clothes of the whole family, slipped completely and could not even drink a cup of tea, her sisters understood her condition and made her a hot meal and tea. Of course, to this day, this proverb is obsolete. After all, it's been a long time since washing machines have come into our lives. Washing machines wash and clean laundry instantly. But there is a "but" side to this. There are some things to follow when doing laundry as well, and if you don’t follow them, your clothes will look ugly. Let's share today such little secrets that a beautiful lady should know.
Special care should be taken when washing delicate clothes. Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. If it is very dirty, it can be soaked in soapy water for 30 minutes. If there are stains on the clothes, they should be cleaned before washing. Remember: do not use alkaline products when washing clean silk or silk clothes. Keeping fresh fruit stains under water will make it easier to get rid of them. You can also make your job easier if you sprinkle sparkling water on the stain or press a damp sponge. Sparkling water easily removes fruit juice or Coca-Cola stains. Do not rub them too hard when washing clothes. It is best to clean the stained areas with a sponge and squeeze lightly.
Wash delicate fabrics, preferably in cold water, by hand. Nowadays, designers have introduced a “fine wash” program into washing machines to lighten the weight of ladies. Use special detergents for this. The water temperature should not be too high and the machine drum should not be full. Delicate clothes do not "come out" in the washing machine with any fabric. For example, wool cannot be washed with a cotton cloth and silk with a knitted fabric.
The temperature of the washed water and the rinsing water should not differ sharply from each other. Otherwise, the clothes will "sit". If the label says “Dryable”, you can use the machine’s drying mode. Wool and silk should be dried without squeezing after shaking. Squeeze the silk lightly, then spread both the silk dress and the woolen garment evenly over the feather towel. Once the water has soaked into the towel, hang the clothes on a special hanger and let them dry. Spread the woolen garment on another dry towel so that it is easy to dry. Never dry clothes in the sun: silk fabric will be brittle and wool clothes will be stretched. The hot batteries of the heating system are also not an optimal place to dry washed clothes.
Wool, (cashmere, woolen cloth, alpaca, angora) is ironed at a moderate temperature, not too hot. The clothes should be ironed on a damp gauze to avoid any marks on the clothes. It is best not to iron knitted garments, otherwise they may stretch. Use the following method to smooth out wrinkles on a knitted garment: Hang the knitted garment on a hanger and hang it on a rack filled with hot water for a few hours to make sure that the wrinkles on the garment are self-healing. zidan is flattened. Iron the silk on the reverse side. Experienced ladies do not sprinkle water on the silk fabric, as various stains may remain on the garment.

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