The day Turkestan Autonomy was announced


Today, November 27, is the day when Turkestan Autonomy was announced

🔹Turkistan Autonomy (the second name is Ko'kan Autonomy) - the first democratic government in the Turkestan region (November 1917, 27 - February 1918, 19).

🔹It was founded at the 4th Extraordinary Congress of Muslims of All Turkestan held in Kok (November 1917-26, 28).
🔹Kurultoy declared the territory of Turkestan territorially autonomous within the Federal Republic of Russia.

He also considered that power should be in the hands of the Provisional Council of Turkestan and the National Assembly of Turkestan until the constituent assembly is convened.
Its center is the city of Kokan.

🔹 On February 1918, 19, the Turkestan Autonomous Government operating in the city of Kokand was overthrown as a result of the bloody attacks of the Bolsheviks.

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