What should be done to make the computer run faster?


What should be done to make the computer run faster?

🤔 (https://www.starusrecovery.com/wp-content/themes/soft/images/in_blog/windows-10-speed-up-01.jpg) A question that many people think about. Certain facts:

• Delete your unnecessary programs.

• Uninstall Cortana and OneDrive.

• Disable startup programs.

• Keep Windows up to date.

• Go to Settings>Personalization>Colors and turn off Transparency effects.

• Go to Settings>Privacy>Background apps and turn it off.

• Go to Settings>System>Notifications & actions and turn it off.

• Go to Settings>Update & Security> Delivery Optimization and turn it off.

• Go to Settings>System>Storage and turn on Storage Sense

• Go to Control Panel>Hardware and Sound> PowerOptions and select High Performance (this is not recommended as it can make the computer work harder and consume more battery).

• Go to Control Panel>System>Advanced system settings>Settings and check Adjust for best performance (this will make Windows look a little ugly).

• Press Win+R, type %temp% in the Run window and delete all files in the newly opened window.

• Restart your computer.

🖥 The above is very useful to make your computer work faster. However, if you want your computer to run much faster, use SSD drives or buy a more powerful computer.

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