August 16 is the birthday of Abu Ali Ibn Sina.


Today, August 16, is Abu Ali Ibn Sina's birthday.

Abu Ali al-Husayn ibn Abdullah ibn al-Hasan ibn Ali (980. 16.08. Afshana village - 1037.18.06. XNUMX. Hamadan city, Iran) is a great encyclopedist from Central Asia who made a great contribution to the development of world science.

Known in the West as Avicenna.

The scientist has been engaged in arithmetic and algebra since he was young, and has a perfect command of the Arabic language and literature.

Ibn Sina's first teacher in the field of science was Abu Abdullah Natili.

Abu Ali continued to read and mastered various fields of knowledge.

He studied such subjects as music, optics, chemistry, jurisprudence.

Another doctor from Bukhara, Abu Mansur al-Hasan ibn Nuh al-Qumri, played a big role in Ibn Sina's achievement of high skill in medicine.

Ibn Sina took medicine lessons from him and learned many secrets of this science.

The scientist's works are still used in world medicine.

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