Independence Day event scenario


Independence Day event scenario
The entrance to the stage is decorated with speakers. The sound of trumpets and horns invites guests to the celebration. The spiritual square is festively decorated. The flag of the Republic of Uzbekistan is waving around the square. The emblem of Uzbekistan, which is placed in the center of the stage, attracts attention. Beginners on stage come out to the sounds of music.
Leader 1: Assalamu alaykum, dear and loving teachers, dear parents!
Beginner 2: Assalamu alaykum, happy children
Starter 1: Welcome, guests, hello to you
Blessed are the thousands of people who bow to you
My hands are on my chest with heartfelt respect
Dear coach, a thousand greetings to you
Leader 2: Hello, my independent Uzbekistan!
Hello, my mighty, radiant garden
Blessed be the freedom and liberty!
May you always have children like us!
Shining like the sun,
    He opened the way to knowledge,
    He hugged us
All:  This word is for you
                 Hello teachers!
       How bright is it? classroom
       We are children, you ?? she
       Be a propeller to us
Hamma: A precious word in the heart
                 Hello school!
      Introducing the country to the world,
      To everyone who gives freedom
      We have returned to the faith
Hamma: A precious word in the heart
                  Hello independent country!
(The National Anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan will be played. All participants will stand up and sing the anthem with their hands on their chests)
At the end of the anthem, a girl flies out of the darkness into the darkness to the sound of loud music.
"Humo bird has come, humo bird has come!"
The hummingbird stops in the middle of the stage. The children line up on the stage in the form of a bow.
Humo bird:Dear children, Happy children of independent Uzbekistan! Dear participants of the event! and congratulations on our most cherished holiday — the 29th anniversary of our Independence.
Mehroj:My people, my country, humo in your head
Save him, don't let him fly
Black forces border constantly
Don't hurt your luck
Motherland, may your steps be blessed
May your independence be a crown on your head!
    1st starter:Today we have gathered to celebrate the 29th anniversary of our independence. Is this holiday peaceful ?? Our peaceful people are welcoming us with great joy.
2 ?? starter: - Welcome to our event "Independence is a blessed paradise"!
1 ?? starter: - Guys, what do you mean by homeland?
1 ?? reader:   - The homeland is the soil where our umbilical cord blood was shed
 2 ?? student: - Vatan ?? this is our cradle, our street, our house, our abode!
3 ?? reader: - Homeland ?? this is our sacred Mother Tongue!
4 ?? reader: - Homeland ?? this is our great nation
5 ?? student   - Homeland ?? this is our school!
6 ?? reader:  - Homeland ?? all the riches and delicacies that Mother Nature has bestowed upon her!
2 ?? starter: - What do you mean by independence?
7 ?? student: - Independence means having one's own freedom, the Motherland is ours.
1 ?? starter: - What did independence give us?
 8 ?? student: - Thanks to independence, our spiritual values ​​have been restored
9 ?? student: - Fayzulla Khojayev, Abdulla Qodiri, Cholpon, Fitrat, Usmon Nasir, who defended the identity and national pride of our nation, returned to our people.
10 ?? student: - Our spiritual riches, such as our religion, the Holy Quran, Hadith Sharif, Navruz, Eid al-Fitr, our traditions and values ​​have returned to our people.
Beginners:What is independence?
- Independence ?? this is freedom
  This ?? means freedom.
Beginners:What is independence?
- Is this ?? peace of mind,
  This means prosperity.
Beginners:What is independence?
- Independence is the greatest
  The dearest happiness to us.
Beginners:What is independence?
- Sha ?? n shavkati bo ?? lsin baland,
  This ?? means eternity.
         The flag enters: Assalamu alaykum dear children. I will be the sacred flag of our state. I was adopted on November 1991, 18.
Sh ?? er:Air color, white and green,
There is a red belt
So beautiful,
The flag of Uzbekistan
Enter the stamp:Assalamu alaykum dear children. I will be the sacred emblem of our state. I was admitted on July 1992, 2.
She ?? r:The right side is cotton,
The left side is steamed
There are gardens, there are mountains,
In the middle is a humo bird
The book of the constitution comes in. Hello dear children. I will be the encyclopedia of our state. I was adopted on December 1992, 8.
Poem: This document is the encyclopedia of our happiness,
            It embodies our rights.
            Let's know the law, but first,
            Let's not forget our civic duty.
Leader 2: Today we gathered on the eve of Independence Day, which has been a dream of the Uzbek people for centuries. For almost 29 years, our people have been enjoying living in a free, free, free land. Is this great ?? Distinguished and great figures from the pages of our beautiful history also visited to congratulate the holiday.
Starter 1: Please, welcome
Amir Temur: My children, I have opened the door of justice in every country, I have done good to the good people of every country. I drove the greedy, immoral people out of the borders of the country. My sons are the great sons of the nation. May justice and freedom be your sacred program to preserve your career and high happiness?
Alisher Navoi: Who is the King of Crown?
Let me watch
A hat on my head
That is, I look at my dopey Uzbek with joy, as if I were looking at a king dressed in a crown and wrapped in a golden robe.
Alpomish and Barchinoy
The son of the Uzbek people,
Generations of Alpomish,
I bow to you,
Sultan of the Brave.
Uzbek girl Barchinoy,
The beauty is the crescent moon.
Let's sing together,
My country is rich in tones.
Starter 1: Please, guests, sit here.
Starter 2: Kids (kids run to the stage)
Starter 1: This holiday is full of wonderful magic
Kids: What’s his magic?
Beginner 1: Every child who demonstrates their creativity on this holiday will achieve their dream. Guys, do you have a dream too?
Kids: Of course
Girl 1:
What if I grow up,
I will be a skilled craftsman.
My Uzbek doppi
I sew with admiration.
2- Child:
Befriending sports
Power ?? I will pay for the power
In the future I am the world
I will be a champion
3- Girl:
Dance is my soul,
I will grow up playing
Mukarrama, Tamara Khan
I will be a descendant
17o'bird: The beauty of my land is free Uzbekistan,
The gardens of my sunny country are empty.
A beautiful rainbow or a rainbow of colors,
Happy 29th birthday, my homeland!
Student 18: Inherited from great ancestors,
You sound like my heart beats.
Listen to your praise, the sky is clear,
Happy 29th birthday, my homeland!
Long live independence!
Student 19: Let Uzbekistan laugh at its happiness,
May my country always be full of joy,
This is the wish of my mother people,
May independence last forever!
Student 20: It was not easy to achieve,
Light ?? days were not a dream,
Who didn't laugh in silence,
May independence last forever!
Student 21: For the nation, for this land,
Let the whole world know us,
Let him know the power of the Uzbeks again
May independence last forever!
Student 22: Poyijannat is our mother,
Your prayers,
Father, open your hands,
May independence last forever!
Student 23: Oh, the right of the homeless,
The right of those who do not enjoy,
May the Uzbek people be the best,
May independence last forever!
Holy land of Uzbekistan!
Student 24: Long live the happiness of feeling friends,
Forget the sadness of the heart,
Hold high the flag of the country,
Holy land of Uzbekistan!
Student 25: This nation understands the word homeland,
Listen to the world, this nation.
This nation will shout loudly,
Holy land of Uzbekistan!
Student 26: Water is gold, soil is gold,
Incomparable kind people,
Look, today the Uzbeks are happy,
Holy land of Uzbekistan!
Student 27: Listen to my words my friends,
My homeland is great,
Uzbek again raised dear,
Uzbekistan is a sacred land!
Student 28: So why not sing,
Why not think about the future,
Spread your glory to the world,
Uzbekistan is a sacred land!
1-u Pochemu moy kray tak dorog mne?
The question was answered by:
Raznyx stran nemalo na zemle
Rodina u vsex odna na svete.
2-u Na svete mnogo raznyx stran-
Odna drugoy miley and krashe
I fell in love with Uzbekistan
And in solntse plamennoe nashe.
2-V S prazdnikom, moya Otchizna,
My native Uzbekistan.
Ty siyaesh svetom jizni,
Rastsvetay lyubimyy kray!
1. To strengthen the independence of Uzbekistan and constantly move forward for a free and bright future
2.Student: To mobilize ourselves tirelessly, drop by drop, piece by piece, to great goals,
  1. Student: To be loyal to our motherland, to the ideas of national independence, 4. To be worthy heirs to our ancestors
5.Student: to be selfless every day, every hour
I swear, I swear, I swear! 1st starter; This dear homeland belongs to all of us. His happiness, light ?? It is sacred to live, to fight, and, if necessary, to sacrifice one's life for a prosperous future.                                                                                                        
happiness for everyone who lives on the ground.
2nd starter-Toki, our country go ?? Let the hall be a prosperous, free and just country. So that we may have useful monuments, gardens, and exemplary words that purify the heart. So that the free and prosperous Motherland will remain for generations away from us. 
Student 11: Gulbo ?? ston, a place of light,
Turkestan, flower-wrapped rose,
You are independent, mother earth,
You are unique, holy Motherland!
Student 12: The golden cradle of Alpomish,
Barchinoy's song,
The door to the world is open to you,
 You are unique, holy Motherland!
Student 13: He says that Temurday was born,
You have revealed Navoi,
Bukhari has an indelible memory,
You are unique, holy Motherland!
Student 14: You are as young as my father,
You are as kind as my mother,
If you are as bright as the world,
You are unique, holy Motherland!
Student 15: Homeland, my heart,
You are my dream, you are my wish,
I need you like I'm lucky,
You are unique, holy Motherland!
Student 16: Why is your child burning today,
For the true happiness of the future,
You are unique, holy Motherland!
   1st starter: Distinguished guests, dear teachers, dear students!
On this glorious day, all of you once again ?? Independence Day ?? Congratulations from the bottom of my heart.
  2st starter:We wish you all good health, happiness and good luck, success in your studies.
 1st starter:  May the Creator protect our homeland, our people, you dear children from evil eyes and evil intentions.
  2st starter:May our country be peaceful and our sky be clear! May our independence last forever!        
Samarkand province Jomboy district 18- Primary school teacher Bakhramova Nilufar.
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