July 20 is the birthday of Imam al-Bukhari


Today, July 20, is the birthday of Imam al-Bukhari

Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Ismail ibn Ibrahim ibn al-Mughira ibn Bardazbeh al-Juafi al-Bukhari was born in the city of Bukhara on the 194th day of Shawwal 13 Hijri - July 810, 20 AD.

Imam Ismail al-Bukhari is a great thinker of the Islamic world, a well-known Muhaddith scholar (Muhaddithism is the science of hadiths, messages about the words and deeds of our Prophet Muhammad SAW for the Islamic religion) and the author of the book "Al Jame as Sahih", which is second only to the Qur'an in terms of importance.

He died on September 256, 870 AH - 1 AD at the age of 60 in the village of Khartang, Samarkand region, and was buried there.

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