Birthday of Giovanni Agnelli, the founder of the FIAT car company.


Today, August 13, is the birthday of Giovanni Agnelli, an Italian industrialist and the founder of the FIAT car company.


Giovanni Agnelli was born on August 1866, 13 in a small town in a family with many children. He retired after 8 years of military service. Having received a law degree, Giovanni wanted to show himself in business.

He began looking for partners who could provide financial support for several years. As a result of his work, on July 1899, 11, the Turin Automobile Plant JSC, known today as Fiat, was opened.

Giovanni Agnelli's ambition was expressed with great enthusiasm. He was involved in all processes from marketing campaigns to vehicle testing. His efforts paid off in 1902 when he took over the business.

In 1903, the Italian leadership decided to cancel the tariff on imported steel, which was another impetus for Fiat's development.

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