August 20 - Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul was born


August 20 - Turkish actress Neslihan Atagul was born

Neslihan Atagul is an actress born on August 1992, 20 in Istanbul, Turkey. He gained popularity due to his roles in various TV series and movies.

Atagul started his acting career in 2006 by playing a small role in the TV series "Yaprak Dokumu". Then he appeared in several serials like "Janim Babam" and "Huzur Sokagi".

In 2014, Atagul gained wide recognition due to the role of Nihan Sezin in the popular TV series "Kara Sevda". Her performance on the show won her critical acclaim and won her numerous awards.

After the success of the film "Kara Sevda", Atagul starred in successful serials such as "Sefirin Kyzi" and "Deep".

Neslihan Atagul has been married to her actor colleague Kadir Dogulu since 2016.

All in all, Neslihan Atagul is a talented Turkish actress who has made a significant impact on the entertainment industry with her versatile performances.​​​​

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