I went on maternity leave a year ago. Can I still return to work before my child is two years old?
You can go back to work. There are only so many places!
📃 According to Articles 233-234 of the Labor Code, women are granted maternity leave for 70 days before childbirth and 56 days after childbirth, and are paid state social insurance benefits. ALSO, AT THE WISH OF A WOMAN, she may be granted parental leave until the child reaches the age of 2 years. In addition, the woman is also given, at her request, additional unpaid leave to care for the child until the child reaches the age of three. In both cases, the woman's job is preserved.
🟢 As we can see, it is said that the leave until the child reaches the age of two and the leave until the child reaches the age of three are given at the discretion of the employee. This means that maternity leave is not a woman's right or obligation. The law does not say that a woman must go on vacation. Now that’s right, no one seems to be returning to work 56 days after the baby is born. Especially in Uzbek we pay a lot of attention to the child, but there is also a situation. Not everyone's situation is the same. Someone is forced to return to work due to financial difficulties if the child is a little self-sufficient.
✏️ Where is the only place where the good issue is mentioned above? The fact is that many women who are going on maternity leave apply for a leave of absence until the child is two years old. writes an application by copying from the sample. The whole issue is here! You need to pay special attention to this place when writing an application. The reason is that after you take such leave after writing such an application, the manager will hire another employee to replace you on the basis of a fixed-term employment contract for the same two years in accordance with Article 76 of the Labor Code. If you say that your child will return to work before the age of two, they will show you the application you wrote in the above content and suggest that you will not return to work until your child reaches the age of two.
✏️ According to Article 105 of the Labor Code, in fact, the manager must conclude an employment contract with the employee who is hiring you, until the employee who went on maternity leave returns to work, but the manager does not do so. He will sign a two-year contract. Those who understand the law will make it up. What he doesn't understand is that he has left without showing the other one for a long time.
✏️ So when you apply to go on vacation until your child is two years old, it's not that I'm asking you to take time off until my child is two years old, but that it's when you want to go back to work. You can also apply. For example, if you write, "I ask you to take parental leave until my child is one year old," or add the phrase "I retain my right to return to work" during these two years. if you do, the manager will make an agreement with the employee who is hiring you.
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