Songs about summer


Summer is here.

Hurrah, summer has come again,
The sun came close to us.
The fruits are ripe,
There are many types.

We walk every day,
We pick fruits,
Apricot, cherry, apple,
The children are all happy.

We eat the fruits,
We thank the farmer.
Our heavenly country,
We pray every day.

✍️: Islamova Mukambar

Happy summer.

The sun shines in the blue,
Our happy summer has come,
invites us to dance
Let's sing a song

Various games,
We can't get enough of playing,
They are unforgettable
We are always happy.

Every new day
Gives us happiness
It's a hot summer,
It looks like our mother.

✍️: Islamova Mukambar

We bathe in the summer.

Our garden is spacious and beautiful.
Conditions are sufficient,
Let's play as much as we want
We are always happy.

In the middle of our kindergarten,
There is a swimming pool, very nice.
When the water is warm,
Let's have fun.

We enjoy in the water,
Our body heals,
We don't even feel the heat,
We are all healthy in the summer.

✍️: Islamova Mukambar

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