The best collection of poems about women


Be proud woman

Let's throw stones
Let your gossip come
I wonder if it's a sin
Let him walk in ambush.

And you don't stay
A beautiful woman!
Hold your head proud
Don't bend woman!

Live for yourself
Keep laughing!
Your enemies will die
Burn to ashes!

you live so
O single woman
Befafo, you guys
Wait for it!

Don't bend over backwards.
If your love doesn't know
Don't let the autumn rain,
If no one notices.

live for you
live long
Unfaithful friends
Burn and live.


Conqueror of the sorrows of the world, woman,
Lover in the world, woman
Be a wife with devotion!
A woman waiting for a sweet word from her husband.

A woman who loves her child,
If you hurt, you are angry, woman.
A woman who knows the sadness in the eyes,
A woman who provides everything.

never let the tears out of your eyes,
Even though he is in pain, he endures.
The most beautiful bow and pencil,
Our mother, our sister, our sister is a woman.

Mehridarya is a woman

Whoever looks you in the eye, woman,
As if you were a flower, a sertabassum ibosan, woman
Even if the light shines on your eyebrows and eyes, the night,
Your heart is pure and miraculous, woman!

Seven different colors of the rainbow, flowers
Olgansanu is clean, clean, woman
You are as graceful and delicate as a deer,
A woman who gives birth to children is a turfa gulsan woman.

If I can learn from the voice of the nightingale,
You are a flower that gently blows, woman.
Seeing the willow envied your hair,
She was ashamed, she ran away, it's a shame, woman.

From whom did you get loyalty, who shared love,
Whoever is perfect in your love is a selfless woman,
Whenever you see Rahimi, I will call you a man,
Woman, you are a river that beats in every field.

A woman who forgot herself as her child

The whole creature, tired of sleeping, at this moment,
A singing flood melody that breaks the silence,
Allah says in a thousand different colors,
A woman who feels the sweetest song in her heart,
A woman who forgot herself as a child.

When he was ill, he died at the beginning of Dilbandi,
At the moment there is a bunch of earth for him,
Praying to God for healing for his child,
A woman with eyes on her chest saying I'm in love,
A woman who forgot herself as a child.

The light pours from the moon's bosom on the woman's head,
The white hair has added years to the old age,
The stars whisper and confess,
The woman who loved Dilbandi more than her life,
A woman who forgot herself as a child.

A thousand anxious thoughts burned his heart,
Satisfied with sweet unimaginable desires,
He made his child laugh even when his heart was burning.
A woman whose faces were burnt in a hot oven,
A woman who forgot herself as a child.

The moon closed its eyes with a wonder,
Here are the dreams, he is tired all the time,
Now he starts working for a living,
My family, the woman who burned as a child,
A woman who forgot herself as a child.

Dawn begins, dawn turns crimson,
The tired woman with red eyes is still awake,
Without this kind ring, the dawn of the morning is a lie,
A woman who pours out her grief for nothing,
A woman who does not think of herself as a child.

The sky is not huge, a woman's heart is huge,
The magic of charm in Mehli's eyes is huge,
As the mother who holds the world,
The woman who made the world fall in love,
A woman who forgot herself as a child.

Some women are braver than men

May heaven be under your feet
Don't get me wrong.
She is such a virgin, be happy
Some men are braver than women.

See the beauty only for you
Questions that do not hurt the tongue.
He lives for a boy - a girl
Brave women than greedy men.

In the beginning, white fiber is the sorrow of the world
Bardoshi is made of gold.
He does not tell you what is in his eyes
Women who swallow their pain.

In the heart of loyalty is the heart of loyalty
Ahdi high erur labzi halallar.
It's his fault that he trusted you, he was deceived
Women are braver than men.

Don't hurt a woman, don't hurt at all,
Don't let love get in the way for you.
God save the angel's soul,
Some women are braver than men.

Live for yourself woman

Adapt to any condition of life,
Tell me when the wind touches your chest
You said child, you said livelihood, work,
Live for yourself one day, woman.

The shield that covers your guilt,
You give it to the family.
Not every day, but always,
Live for yourself one day, woman.

Taking transparent mirrors in your hands,
Have fun pretending to be a golden doll.
Put powder on your face, dress well,
Live for yourself one day, woman.

A woman who filled the world with love

With a sweet smile and a smile
The woman who made sad worlds laugh,
My heart is full of love,
A woman who got love from a stone heart.

A delicate sprout-like body, unceasing,
Go, my child, he says, his moans don't stop.
A woman's patience and endurance will never break.
The woman who broke the pain stems.

With eye and brow that makes the moon laugh,
With the ability to submerge mountains,
With teardrops like necklaces in his eyes,
A woman with grief in her heart.

Their hearts are spring, their eyes are sad,
He spares no effort to support his family.
Yeliblar ran for his child,
A woman who makes the non-existent exist and burns.

Koklamlar opened his arms to the woman,
The sun also spread its rays to the world,
Heaven is under the feet of mothers,
A woman who filled the world with love.

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