A collection of interesting lions for children


Songs about children. The best collection of poems about children and childhood. If you look closely, the children's fun games, from sweet-sugar tricks to even their actions, are simple and sincere. That's probably why childhood nostalgia never leaves us.

Lions for children

Filling the skies
The plane was lost.
His strong voice
It caught the world.

Oh bird that built my country,
Stop, take me!
Wait, let me give you a letter.
Take to your wings.

Mine too in the heavens
I have one falcon brother.
Give me my letter, let him read
Read it again and again.

To our country
Don't survive, I wrote.
without receiving an order,
"Don't come home," I wrote.

filling the skies
The plane was lost.
His strong voice,
It caught the world.

Hey, I have something to say to you

Bear, I have a word for you,
Tell everyone again.
Who says, "You are a dwarf"
Ayab eats my mercy,
My crushing drink,
My strength will disappear.

If they say you are a fighter,
If they say you are a hero
Adults could not,
Adults did not know
I want to do a great job,
I want to be the best wrestler.

Learn my friends,
Always be smart,
Hormang in learning,
Being wise,
Be wise in everything you do,
Scientists do not despise,
True, this is not a lie!

Did you see, baby bucket?
I told you, after all!

to take an umbrella
to put in our bag,

Now we are like
It's okay, you idiot.

Of course, let the rain stop,
Going home anyway,

sorry to my mom
We will not return.

If we are always in order,
They will enter the face - mother!

Soap bubbles - flying in the air,
It spreads faster - in the wind.

Won't you tell me your color, squinting eyes?
Words cannot describe it.

Poetic words, heavy for me,
Now I have seen four springs.

Therefore I speak, in plainer language,
When I grow up, I will leave everything on the road.

With a balloon - fly to the sky,
Settling in the sky - hugging the cloud,

When I was a child - flying bubbles,
Congratulations on growing up.

I will take a selfie - I will describe
I'll go back to my childhood!

My grandson is very interesting.
Sometimes he asks:

Adults are like us.
Why don't you cry?"

Adults are also a person,
Sometimes they cry too.

And weep aside,
Swallowing in pain.

They cry - without him,
You don't see - you eat!

Batir says "to the garden"
Worry in his eyes.
As if in kindergarten,
Teeth grinding, every day,

"Ola boji" is waiting,
He is winning those who have gone.
His heart is beating,
Don't be afraid, Batyrjon, brother.

Giving charity to the kindergarten,
Be an example to all,
Learning and learning
Covered in praise
I don't want to go,
Then you will be "great"!

Excitement by pressing the light,
He said: "Aya. dear,

Roaring fire,
I boiled the pilaf.

I put it on a plate,
Sit down to eat!"

If you look at it, it's not pilaf.
Those who see do not say pilaf,

It was black and white.
Nor said to himself, "Run away."

"Hurrah" ran away from painting.
Rather than being an Izza!

An obvious lion

in front of the oven,
The sleeve was long.
Around there,
The crow was walking.

It started to sink,
Crow's sleeve.
Sitting at home
I watched it.

I was surprised
From this movement.
I said, "What the hell?"
From a crow's sleeve.

When the crow leaves,
I went to the oven.
On the sleeve,
I saw yogurt.

now for me
The secret is revealed.
It eats dry,
Crows at last!

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