A collection of verses about Ramadan and Roza


Ramadan is almost here

The heart spits,
The heart is full of longing,
I have hope,
Ramadan is almost here!

Argues to the heart,
Heaven opens its doors,
Hell closes its door
Ramadan is almost here!

This month's interest rate is special
Thank you every night
Rays of light until dawn,
Ramadan is almost here!

Untouchable skills,
Unrejected wishes,
Crowds in the mosque,
Ramadan is almost here!

Tarovehs read,
Recitations are made,
Sins also shed,
Ramadan is almost here!

There is a lot of value in it
Search for the last ten days!
One odd day,
Ramadan is almost here!

Unaccounted fees
Malak, who doesn't even know
Best wishes,
Ramadan is almost here!

I am fasting

I know I have many sins,
I will win the losses,
God bless you
I also fast.

Get up early
Being a believer, a Muslim,
My face is full of light
I also fast.

Please, every moment,
Enter my dreams, Rahman,
Get out of my way, Satan!
I also keep clean.

My figure will be beautiful,
Laughter is good luck,
Quit my bad habit,
I also fast.

Wake up asking for sustenance, call to prayer,
Side by side with my mother,
Ask for faith in God,
I also fast.

I will be fully rewarded,
Iftar, my dear,
welcome my ramadan
I also fast.

In favor of good deeds,
I'm patient
Cleanse my heart, cleanse me
I also fast.

Get rid of the pain
Let grief be bent,
Let my sins be washed away
I also fast.

Measured life,
Health and well-being
Thank you for your blessings.
I also fast.
Khurshid Karim

Aziz Ramazan came in

Give us another chance.
Every morning is amazing and beautiful.
preach the good news and knock
Mokhi Ramadan has arrived.

The moon will be the king of the interior.
The most beautiful will be Mohi.
There will be a resting place for hearts.
Mokhi Ramadan has arrived.

Opening the way to goodness.
Leaving behind the gina.
Crying and stoning devils
Mohi Ramazan came in.

May the wicked suffer,
So that the scourge of the soul is forced to be humbled,
Let the earth be cleansed,
Mokhi Ramadan has arrived.

May it be appreciated as a gift,
No matter how many merits,
How many sins have you washed away?
Mokhi Ramadan has arrived.

Step on arrogance,
Rise up from prayer,
Let him be drunk from reading.
Aziz Ramazan came in.

It is the right of me to reach Ramadan

Without Muhammad, hearts are black,
If you don't let me, I can't find a way,
Oh, Zuljalal, look at my repentance
It is the right of me to reach Ramadan.

erase my father's guilt,
Forgive my father's sin,
Drink your own wine of thanks
It is the right of me to reach Ramadan.

Turn my eyes away from my lover,
Protect my word from lies,
Count me in
It is the right of me to reach Ramadan.

In which corner is the believer's tongue bloody,
A soul whose babies eat bullets,
Make their problem easy
It is the right of me to reach Ramadan.

Take it easy and have a good night
Don't dream, God bless you,
If I go... give light and let the grave be night-
It is the right of me to reach Ramadan.

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