December 24 is the birthday of People's Writer of Uzbekistan Polat Momin


December 24 - People's Writer of Uzbekistan Polat Momin was born (1922)

The first collection of poems is "Sayrang syaar" (1949). After that, his "Morning Melodies" (1949), "Golden Ears" (1951), "The Tale of a Toothbrush" (1955), "Hunardan Unar" (1958), "The Rightly Grown Flower" lur" (1960), "Where is the Mind" (1962), "The Golden Pipe" (1967), "Not Like the Good Ones" (1968), "Thank You!" (1969), "Eson and Amon" (1973), "Fairytale to Fairytale" (1989), "Fairy Tales Lead to Goodness" (1984), "My Heart's Pains, Ayatar Baytu Fardlarim" (1993), "Grandfather Wheat" ( 1995), "Bolajon, bolajonim" (2003) and other collections of fables and fairy tales dedicated to children, "Kuldi Khyol" (1964), "Flower and Onion", "Kavoqvoy bilan Chanokvoy", "My mother says my child, child "My mother says" (1987) plays were staged in Republican theaters.

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