A weekly diet for FAST WEIGHT LOSS

Sometimes we want to lose weight fast.

We will talk about how to do this in the current video.

A useful channel with you.

But I have to warn you from the beginning.

- To lose weight fast, you have to radically change your lifestyle.

This can lead to problems in your health.

You can walk in constant fatigue and in a bad mood

So if you are hesitant to kiss, it is better to look for easier ways to lose weight

Or consult a doctor

If you’re ready, we’ll get started.

1 - Just go wash the vegetables and fruits.

Even then you just have to eat these yourself without any additives.

Without cooking without adding things like sauces, butter, dream.

You can eat as many vegetables as you want at any time.

And eat the fruit three times a day.

2 - If you want to lose weight faster, switch to a monodiet.

Eat only one type of food at a time.

If you have apples, just eat apples, do not mix them with other foods.

You can eat other types of food only after an hour.

3 -  while to lose weight faster - for freshly squeezed juice. Only from the same fruit.

For an hour after the juice from other fruits and vegetables

4 -  fix sleep - your body needs to wake up on its own.

Sleep disorders disrupt the order in which your fats melt.

This worsens the outcome of the diet

5 - Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime.

Eat something before bed, sit down and drink water twenty times a day.

Or eat carrots

6 - Get more exercise during the day.

Try to walk more. Get down to work or study before the 2nd-3rd stop.

Do not sit in one place for more than an hour.

7 Drink only distilled water.

Distilled water does not contain minerals or trace elements. It is pure H2O without additives: it is formed from condensation vapor by boiling.

Distilled water is sold in all pharmacies and supermarkets.

Learn more about this water first.

8 - Go to baths and saunas often.


Go for a full body massage as well.

9 - Plan to drink only water one day.

You only drink water. Adjust to weekends as much as possible.

You have to feel this hunger for yourself

If you feel bad, it’s best not to do this.

10 - Run every day.

5 km and 10 km respectively

You don’t have to run hard, just run as hard as you can when you’re running without difficulty.

Running speeds up fat consumption.

11 - Do not hesitate to weigh.

Do not expect a quick result.

If you weigh yourself every day but don’t see results, you lose motivation. You can skip the diet.

If you measure your phase after a week, you will see a good result.

12 - Find fun for yourself.

Do not sit idle to do any work. Always keep your brain busy with other things so you don’t have to think about foods.

13 - Find a partner.

Losing weight with a partner is more fun. You give each other paddeshka, you can play sports to see who will gain the most weight in a week.

In the above cases, follow the weight loss path only for a week.

Even if you feel well, following such a diet for more than a week can hurt you.

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