Scenario for the "Ball Girls" contest


Scenario for the "Ball Girls" contest
  1. Congratulations part
  2. Fashion look
  3. Game (Bukhara)
  4. Poem (related)
  5. Setting the table
  6. Scene (Related)
  7. Cake decoration
  8. Cooking
Condition 1
  1. It is the administrator of an unlimited state
From Bukhara, from Bukhara.
I like this unparalleled art
From Bukhara, from Bukhara
  1. If his eyes surprise you
If the word is oshufta
Know that this orazi suksur
From Bukhara, from Bukhara
Assalamu alaykum heart river teachers, dear schoolmates. Today we are holding the "Ball Girls" contest on the stage of our beloved school, which is a prestigious place of science in Bukhara. We and the girls in the class are testing our strength and skill.
Our daughters are fathers of men
Our girls are mothers ’assistants
Our girls lobar, chevar,
Our girls are hardworking
Our team: ………
Our motto: Good luck with that
Let's get acquainted friends
Let's compete, friends, for justice
(More poems and songs, games will be performed)
In condition 2 reads a poem that begins with the character of the girl who appears in each mofda show:
  1. This is our Saida
Long-haired handsome.
He is very talented
Good luck to him
  1. This is our Sakina
Five full notebooks
He is combative and hardworking
Good luck to him
  1. This is our Nigora
What he did was perfect
There is no equal in intelligence
The desire to win
  1. This is our Medina
Aspirational every moment
He immediately gets angry
But very kind
  1. This is our Ferang
She is a future dancer
Know this
She is very shy
  1. This is our Enlightenment
His heart is as pure as dawn
Sarvar in knowledge
"Aspiration" is his motto
  1. This is our Gulbahor
His heart is accompanied by poetry
He is white-collar, polite
Shelter from poetry
  1. This is our Glory
Delicate, masculine girl
It's nice to talk
He is alone in the family
Condition 3 The girls ’dance skills will be demonstrated and judged by the judges
  1. Shart
-Poetry is an ancient great path… .. said a poet. Indeed, the ocean of poetry is wide, its boundaries are infinite. Our girls are very interested in poetry. You now have Muhammad Yusuf's "My country has unfulfilled dreams." We want to tell his poem. Please listen
  1. shart Setting the table - in this case, the girls are tested on what kind of guests to expect, or how to decorate the table top. In doing so, the jury must pay close attention to where and how everything is placed.
  2. In the scene, the acting skills of the girls are observed based on the theme.
  3. shart Depending on the circumstances in decorating the cake, the girls can even explain it verbally
  4. shart Special envelopes are given to the girls during cooking. Inside the envelopes will be written the name of one or two specific dishes. Girls need to have an understanding of how these dishes are prepared. In evaluating this condition, the jury will pay attention to the sequence of products and how many they are intended for.

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