Philosophy of global problems


Gloyesaphilosophy of goods



  1. Factors determining the future of humanity and methods of scientific prediction.
  2. Current era of social development and universal problems.
  3. The world in the XNUMXst century: the future and the destiny of man.
  4. Ways to protect nature, society and people in Uzbekistan.


The most priority direction, process and problems determining the perspective of humanity. Possibilities of scientific prediction of the near and distant future of world development. Methods of scientific forecasting. Scientific hypothesis and assumptions, their importance. The idea of ​​"Uzbekistan is a great future state" based on I.Karimov is an example of scientific prediction. The current period of human development and its characteristics. International integration processes and universal technologies. Universal problems, their main direction and features of manifestation. Ways and opportunities to solve universal problems.

The world and Uzbekistan in the XNUMXst century: threats to security, conditions of stability and guarantees of development. The main directions and characteristics of the development of Uzbekistan at the beginning of the XNUMXst century.

The nature of our republic and the problems of its preservation. Human responsibility in protecting the ecology of the island and the nature of our country. The educational value of studying universal problems.


1st exhibition

Universal problems:

- prevention of the danger of thermonuclear war and elimination of armaments;

- favorable conditions for the growth of the world economy and social life


- ending economic backwardness, ending backwardness and hunger on earth;

-use of natural resources with a rational and complex approach.


2st exhibition


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